Sex prompts

  1. Pillow Fight
  2. Strip Spoons (card game explained here). For an extra bonus round put the spoons across the room to race and wrestle for them 🙂
  3. Read aloud these terrible (but genuine) jokes written BY kids without cracking a smile.  If you laugh, take off some clothes.
  4. Silly sexy dance performance.  Put on a song and a show for each other.
  5. Impromptu lip sync.  One picks a song for the other and they have to lip sync to it.
  6. Naked ballroom dance.
  7. Strip staring contests (blinking = losing)
  8. Strip staring contests (laughing = losing)
  9. Wrestling match!
  10. Twister
  11. Strip card game (UNO, Hearts, Egyptian ratscrew, pick your favorite)
  12. Would You Rather Sexy style.  Come up with sex positions or scenarios and ask would you rather questions.
  13. Truth or Dare.  Sexy version.
  14. Watch clips of soap operas on Youtube with the sound turned off.  You and your spouse provide the dialogue for them.  Laugh and laugh.
  15. Bubble war.  One spouse blows bubbles while the other pops them.  For every bubble they miss, they take something off.  Switch off.
  1. Talk about your favorite physical features of each other’s.
  2. When did you first know they were the one for you?  How?
  3. What is a skill they’ve developed this year they should be proud of?
  4. What makes your spouse different from anyone else in the world?
  5. When was a time they made you blush?  (in a good way)
  6. Tell how they make you feel good about yourself (be specific).
  7. What is something your spouse does that you think is sexy?
  8. When is a time you were very proud of your spouse?
  9. What have they helped you accept about yourself?  How?
  10. What are a few little things they do that just make you smile?
  11. What was your favorite date you ever went on together?
  12. If you or your spouse speaks a different language say why you love about each other in that language (If you don’t speak a different language, google translate it and try your best 🙂 )
  13. If you could go back in time to a down-on-their-luck mid-twenties version of your spouse, what would you tell them about how awesome they turn out?
  1. Get a chair- have man sit down and woman straddle him. Foreplay here.
  2. Woman explores man’s body for 15 minutes while he lies still and guides her.
  3. Mentally pretend you’re still dating and start making out on the couch.
  4. Full body massage.
  5. Man explores woman’s body for 15 full minutes while she lies still and guides him.
  6. Shower sex.
  7. Bubble bath sex.
  8. Pick a new position from this list of 45 Best Sex Positions.
  9. Share some favorite sexual memories with each other.
  10. Pick out sexy lingerie(ish) outfits for each other.
  11. Sex on stairs.
  12. Spend 8 minutes to let your sexual side out on paper.  Free form write for 8 minutes – pencil can’t stop moving.  Include any fantasies.