Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up

By:  Celeste *Disclaimer:  This post is not about marriage, but it is about love.  And we are ALL ABOUT spreading love here.* I recently learned of the passing of a good friend of mine- Ana Preto-Bay.  Ana was a truly, truly amazing individual- one of God’s very best.  It was Ana who first taught me I could be really good friends with someone who is closer to my parent’s age than mine.  Even though I moved into her ward (church congregation) when Rich and I were very first married, and she was a professor at BYU with 4 boys- she… Read More

The Division of Labor

How to Divide up Chores Without Fighting

How to Divide up Chores with Your Spouse without Fighting By:  Angela Imagine someone who you just KNOW is super busy. As in, they have a million and one things to take care of. And yet, you always see them not only taking on more tasks, volunteering willingly to do things for other people, but then succeeding, THRIVING at them. That’s the kind of person Angela is. She and her husband have it together and they manage to be incredibly nice, down-to-earth people while doing it. I’m SO grateful that Angela was willing to write this because everyone needs more… Read More

Accepting One Another’s Yodas and Other Epiphanies of Marriage

Epiphanies of Marriage By:  Carl Follmer Carl is pretty much the definition of a good guy. He is also a graduate student, like me, getting his PhD in comparative literature. He researches, get this, youth literature produced by the Nazis! How cool is that? Carl and his wife Robin and their boys are an awesome family and you totally get the sense that are really good at just rolling with the punches and keeping things in perspective. I think that really comes across in Carl’s great writing in this great post. – Rich As I sit here and struggle to… Read More

“Your marriage is like a horse . . .” a mixed bag of marriage metaphors

“Love is a many-splendored thing.” – Shakespeare “Love is a battlefield.” – Pat Benatar “Love is an open door.” – Princess Ana For as long as people have been trying to make/trick other people into falling in love with them, they have being doing it by talking about love. It’s part of the mistaken idea that once we find the perfect metaphor, we’ll understand all of the intricacies and splendors of the aforementioned many splendors of love. So we spend time trying to conceive of the inconceivable. It’s why we have so many strange artistic interpretations of heaven (harps? halos?)… Read More

The Coolest Duet Ever

How Marriage is like a Piano Duet

How marriage is like playing a piano duet. By Marilyn Olson I was THRILLED when Marilyn agreed to guest post on my blog because I knew it would be beautiful and humble and wise just like she is (and she does not disappoint).  Marilyn is the kind of person that when she raises her hand in Sunday School to make a comment you sit up a little straighter, lean your ear in and maybe get out your notepad because this woman….. she is wise.  So, get out your notepad.  You’ll see what I mean.          – Celeste Thirty-two years ago, Rick… Read More