This is What True Love Looks Like

By Celeste This was yesterday at the apple orchard. We had walked so far and were just sure there was a bridge here…. There wasn’t. So instead of walking all that way back, Rich courageously braved the freezing water carrying our family across. Marry well my friends- you never know when you’ll need to be carted across an icy river of death. 6 Comments

Share the Love:  Chelsea and Joe

Share the Love Marriage series. Sharing one love story at a time.

Celeste here. I’ve never been much of a collector.  I had a decent collection of old Yoplait lids I had meant to send in (to benefit breast cancer?) at one point, but those didn’t really pan out….  But I’m starting a new collection!  I’ve decided to be a collector of love stories.  What better thing to collect, right?! With that, allow me to introduce a new series:  Share the Love I even made a sign! So fancy! In Share the Love posts, couples will be answering 3 questions:  1.  What is your love story? 2.  What is your favorite thing… Read More

Just for fun:  The Mormons and The Muppets Humor

By:  Celeste Yesterday’s post was on the serious side, so here’s a nice little post to lighten things up. Today it was announced that the guest performing artist for this year’s Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert will be the Muppets.  Rich posted this as his Facebook status and the following battle of wits ensued with my very witty friend Elisa: *It wouldn’t fit all in one screen shot, so it’s a little broken up, but still the same thread.**Update: So, turns out after sleeping on it, Rich and some of his friends had more jokes to add! So I’ve added them… Read More

Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up

By:  Celeste *Disclaimer:  This post is not about marriage, but it is about love.  And we are ALL ABOUT spreading love here.* I recently learned of the passing of a good friend of mine- Ana Preto-Bay.  Ana was a truly, truly amazing individual- one of God’s very best.  It was Ana who first taught me I could be really good friends with someone who is closer to my parent’s age than mine.  Even though I moved into her ward (church congregation) when Rich and I were very first married, and she was a professor at BYU with 4 boys- she… Read More

The Division of Labor

How to Divide up Chores Without Fighting

How to Divide up Chores with Your Spouse without Fighting By:  Angela Imagine someone who you just KNOW is super busy. As in, they have a million and one things to take care of. And yet, you always see them not only taking on more tasks, volunteering willingly to do things for other people, but then succeeding, THRIVING at them. That’s the kind of person Angela is. She and her husband have it together and they manage to be incredibly nice, down-to-earth people while doing it. I’m SO grateful that Angela was willing to write this because everyone needs more… Read More