Improving Personal Prayers:  How to Align Your Prayers with God’s Will

By Celeste The wonderful, talented Katelyn Fagan of What’s Up Fagans let me guest post on her blog today.  I recently transformed my prayer process, so I wrote about that.  Here’s a little teaser for ya: I pray. I’ve always prayed. I’m a pray-er.  I’ve had too many experiences with answered prayers to deny that prayer is a worthwhile activity.  But I recently realized that I have been going about this praying thing all wrong. It’s weird to realize that something you’ve done every single day since you were a kid, you haven’t been doing right. It’s like someone watching… Read More

The First Miracle of the First Christmas: A Marriage Able to Survive It

By Rich If there’s anything I think we can say for certain about the night Jesus was born in a stable it was that 1) it was much more dirty and smelly than we’d like to imagine and 2) it was very likely the low point of the up-to-that-point short marriage of Joseph and Mary. Everything about the Christmas story tends to gloss over the stark and unpleasant realities of what giving birth to a baby in a stable/cave/barn must have been like.  I think it’d debatable whether or not “the little Lord Jesus” did indeed “lay down his sweet… Read More

A FREE Homemade Christmas Gift Your Spouse Will Actually LOVE!

A Free Homemade Christmas Gift Your Spouse Will Actually Love

By Celeste There is less than a week until Christmas!!!  How did that happen?!?! What are you getting your spouse this year for Christmas?? If you don’t yet have an answer to that question, DON’T DESPAIR!  I too, often procrastinate my gift selections.   And I too, like to be thrifty yet thoughtful in my gift giving. This year, get your spouse something free they will actually love:  an act of selfless sacrifice for them.   Here’s four steps on how to do that: 1.  Think of Something You Know Your Spouse Would Like You to Improve Brainstorm with me… Read More

Organize Your Mind – Organize Your Life.  Giveaway!!!!

By Celeste This post got a little lengthy- I’ve broken it up into chapters for your reading ease. Chapter One.  I am a Teenage Boy This should come as no surprise to you, but my journey into organized, adult life has been a rough and rocky road (not the kind with almonds and marshmallows). My house-keeping skills seem to have plateaued in my pre-pubescent era where I needed reminders to do things like move my laundry from the washer to the drier on the same day they entered the washer. Or to pay my bills before notices started showing up… Read More

Who Do We Put First, Ourselves or Others?

Who do we put first ourselves or others?

By Celeste I keep thinking about the last point in this post I wrote about organizing our days into good, better and best.  I’ve thought a lot about it.  How should I know what is best and what is just good? I don’t know about you, but my day typically has about a million conflicting priorities.  Often when I wake up in the morning I’ll lay there and think, “ok, what do I have to do today?  Well, I really should exercise this morning.  Oh, and I have to make cleaning the kitchen today a priority.  I should make the… Read More