Episode 18: The Drama Triangle (“Fix You”) Featuring Tammy Jones and Debbie Reid

Drama Triangle podcast

Do you ever find yourself reacting to your partner in a moment of strong emotion? Obviously, yes – this happens to all of us. But you may not know that, in situations like that, you may find yourself unwittingly in the middle of Karpman’s Drama Triangle! What is that you ask? It’s a way of looking at negative roles we can embody during strong, negative interactions (“drama”). The Drama Triangle roles include being The Victim (“You/Everyone is doing this to me!”) The Persecutor (“Oh yeah? %*@#@ you!!”) or The Rescuer (“Let me fix you, because it’ll make ME feel better!”).… Read More

Episode 17: Narcissism (“You’re So Vain”) Featuring Tony Overbay

narcissism podcast

While everyone’s spouse is selfish from time to time, it can be a whole different ballgame to be married to someone with a narcissistic personality disorder. Clinical narcissism is characterized by a preoccupation with self, sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, inability to confront faults, need for admiration, and objectifying others. What to do if this describes your spouse? I have no idea, but thankfully Tony Overbay does! As an Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, he walks us through the dos and don’ts of being married to a narcissist. Tony has his own therapy podcast called The Virtual Couch and… Read More

Episode 16: New Years (“Good Morning” and “You Gotta Be”) Show Notes

New Years relationship podcast

“Baby, It’s a brand new day.” So sings Max Frost in his song, “Good Morning.” And so tells Celeste to herself everyday. The important thing to remember about new year’s resolutions is that when you mess up, tomorrow is a new day. You have the potential to start over everyday. Both on your goals and in your relationship. Our past selves need not define our future selves. In today’s good ones episode we highlight helpful goal advice in the songs “Good Morning” and “You Gotta Be” as Rich and Celeste dish out their best advice for keeping up with goals… Read More

Marriage Laboratory’s Best of 2018

Best of Marriage Laboratory 2018

2018 has been an AMAZING year here at Marriage Laboratory. Here are some highlights: We started our podcast, Marriage Theraoke!! We launched our podcast giving therapy to love songs in August, and Rich and I have loved the challenge as well as all the positive feedback you guys have given us- thanks! I finally joined the Instagram party (only 8 years late!) by starting the Marriage Laboratory instagram page. I now spend a lot of time there and this community has made me feel like I people actually read what I write and comment on it! We grew our email… Read More

How to Forge Integrity (and why the strength of your relationship depends on it)

How to Forge Integrity

When I was first married and for years afterward, if you had asked me what a “good spouse” looks like, I would have said, “Someone who puts the needs and wants of their spouse ahead of their own.” Full stop. I left very little room for caveats to that sentiment. Meaning, when I had a need or want that conflicted with my husband’s and I wasn’t giving in, I thought it meant I was just being selfish. That’s not something a “good spouse” would do. My default mode when we would disagree was to give in and get over it.… Read More