Episode 26: Kids Over Marriage (“There Goes My Life”) Ft. Becky Squire Show Notes

kids over marriage

  Two firsts in Marriage Theraoke history today: 1. We tackling children (the topic, not actual children) and 2. We are tackling country music! First up, children. Ideally, there would never be any conflict between our children and our marriage and everyone would get along in blissful harmony. In reality, our children CAN and often do put a wedge in our marriages. Either by prioritizing them above our marriage, disagreeing about parenting or just plain busyness and exhaustion. Today we are talking about putting our marriage first with our guest Becky Squire! And you better believe Rich harnesses his inner… Read More

Episode 25: Honoring Dreams (“A Million Dreams”) Featuring Laura Heck

honoring dreams

Someone once asked renowned marriage expert Dr. John Gottman what was one thing they could do RIGHT NOW that would have the biggest impact on their marriage. His answer? Honor your partner’s dreams. First we have to know what those are, then honor them. Today we are thrilled to talk with marriage therapist and Gottman expert Laura Heck, who walks us through the good, better, best of honoring our partner’s dreams. And Rich’s re-make of The Greatest Showman’s A Million Dreams legitimately made Celeste cry. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it hopefully spurs a meaningful conversation with… Read More

100 Love Note Prompts (Best Gift Ever!)

Love Note Prompts: Best list of love letter prompts on the internet! Best anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift Ever!

Best list of love note prompts on the Internet! Guaranteed to fill your partner’s love tank. A few years ago, Rich spent two months in Brazil for work. Since we had two little kids (and I was pregnant!) and alone, our connection normally would have taken a big hit during this time. Rich was busy and stressed with the responsibility of getting all his experiments to work in rural conditions. I was busy and stressed with a one year old and a three year old. But despite the busyness, despite the stress we both felt, this two-month was a period… Read More

Episode 24: Theory Class 101 (Foundation of Love)

foundation of love

Switching things up on the podcast this week! Welcome to Theory Class 101, where Celeste explains her theory on five aspects of the very FOUNDATION of any solid relationship. Rich, then, taking copious notes writes an original improvised love song during the course of the podcast and performs it at the end with his ukulele. Talent and good times abound. Show Notes My explanation of the 3 tiers of Marital Satisfaction here. Byron Katie’s Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet.   Add a Comment

Episode 23: Putting Your Partner on a Pedestal (“She’s So High”)

putting your partner on a pedestal

Wait, this episode is about putting your partner on a pedestal? Isn’t it a good thing to think highly of your partner? To praise and cherish them? Yes of course it is. Unless by putting them up on a pedestal, you are putting yourself down in comparison. We discuss the dangers of hierarchy and pedestal placement as we offer some therapy to the song “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman today. And you know that Rich’s high falsetto is coming out full force in his karaoke re-make, which is always a good thing. Rich’s re-written lyrics: “My partner’s always shown… Read More