Episode 33: Theory Class 103 (Systemizing Fun)

Wrapping up our month-long theme on fun, we are talking about how to systemize fun 1. in our individual lives, 2.  in our marriages and 3. with our families. Celeste theorizes and advises while Rich creates music lyrics and then performs his masterpiece at the end of the episode. And bonus! The Davis children each have a part in this episode talking about their favorite family fun activities!   Add a Comment

Episode 32: Fun Languages (“Santa Baby”)

How do we have fun as a couple when we don’t agree on what is fun?? Enter learning to speak each other’s fun language. What is a fun language? It’s like love languages, but it’s all about fun. We all have fun in different ways in different stages, the key is to keep the conversation with our spouse open and frequent. In this episode, we offer some therapy to the song “Santa Baby” (it could kinda use some, amiright?) and Rich makes a version that is MUCH improved and hilarious!   Add a Comment

Episode 31: The Value of Fun (“We Are Young”)

Often when marriage problems rear their head, we think we have to be very serious about them. But much of the time, what we need is not more seriousness in our relationship, what we need is MORE FUN! Fun provides some BIG deposits in the emotional bank account of our relationships. In this episode, we talk about how fun looks different in every stage of marriage as we give therapy to the song, “We Are Young.”  Which naturally, Rich changes to “We are fun.”  🙂 Enjoy! Show Notes Come to our marriage retreat! Jan 24-25 on beautiful Diamond Lake, WA!… Read More

Episode 30: Best of Season 1 Show Notes

We’re back baby! You can listen to first episode of season 2 of the Marriage Theraoke podcast right here folks (just press that green arrow down there, or listen in any podcast player of your choice). For this episode, Rich and I both selected three of our favorite moments from Season 1 and we share them with you in the episode. If you are a first time listener, this is the perfect introduction. If you are a long time listener, this is a fun walk down memory lane/ reminder of solid relationship advice. We’ve got interviews, re-written love songs and… Read More

The EPIDEMIC of Negative Emotion Intolerance (and how it’s wreaking havoc on your relationship)

Negative Emotion Intolerance. Click through to read how the epidemic is affecting your relationship and how to become immune!

In preparation for my shiny new blog plan (month long themes complete with corresponding love experiments, social media posts and podcast episodes), I surveyed you, my readers asking for what you are currently struggling with most in your marriages right now. Responses ranged all over the gamut from stress with in-laws to finances to communication. But a common theme stood out among the responses: dealing with negative emotion. Most of the responses talked about dealing with their spouse’s negative emotions: Partner is frequently stressed and taking it out on others Partner is depressed and emotionally unavailable Partner gets upset when… Read More