The EPIDEMIC of Negative Emotion Intolerance (and how it’s wreaking havoc on your relationship)

Negative Emotion Intolerance. Click through to read how the epidemic is affecting your relationship and how to become immune!

In preparation for my shiny new blog plan (month long themes complete with corresponding love experiments, social media posts and podcast episodes), I surveyed you, my readers asking for what you are currently struggling with most in your marriages right now. Responses ranged all over the gamut from stress with in-laws to finances to communication. But a common theme stood out among the responses: dealing with negative emotion. Most of the responses talked about dealing with their spouse’s negative emotions: Partner is frequently stressed and taking it out on others Partner is depressed and emotionally unavailable Partner gets upset when… Read More

Help Me Help You

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post that I literally forgot how to log in . . . yikes. Hello! This summer we’ve been super busy moving and vacationing that we haven’t had much mental energy for blogging and podcasting. BUT school has started, routines are forming and we’re back baby! The plan is to have a different marriage topic each month to delve into. Each topic will come with a new love experiment. Each week, there will be a new blog post, email and social media posts about the topic. And each month we’ll do 1-2… Read More

Episode 29: Can You Change Your Partner? (“Take Me or Leave Me”) Featuring Janessa Zech

can you change your partner

“Take me as I am, baby, or leave me.” Can you change your partner? Can you even ask your partner to change? Marriage Theraoke goes Broadway with the song, “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent. We a little bit of a hard time nailing down a specific topic for this song because the song encapsulates so many common relationship problems. The idea of “take me or leave me” has Maureen and Joanne (the couple in the song) both stuck trying to change each other but unwilling to change themselves. Since we can’t expect to change our partner, we should… Read More

Episode 28: Armor (“Cold As Ice”) Featuring Jaime Wilkins

Brene Brown armor

  We may think that fear lies at the heart of many relationship problems, but Brene Brown teaches that all successful relationships have fear- fear of change, fear of not being enough, fear of rejection. What destroys relationships isn’t fear, but the ARMOR we put on to try to protect ourselves from the fear. In today’s episode we interview life coach Jaime Wilkins who talks about two common forms of armor: perfectionism and numbing our emotions. The song “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner talks all about numbing, so we give it some therapy. Rich makes it much better.  Show Notes:… Read More

Episode 27 Theory Class 102: Managing Expectations Show Notes

Managing Expectations podcast

Class is in session again! It’s Theory Class 102, where Celeste builds off of Theory Class 101 (Episode 24) in describing foundational aspects of solid relationships. Today we are talking about tier two of a satisfying marriage: managing (and often letting go of) expectations. Specifically Celeste will go into 4 areas to manage your mindset in your marriage. Rich is taking notes and, live during the episode, writes lyrics to an original love song with a country twang, (‘Grow Together’).  Enjoy! Celeste’s Pyramid of Marital Health:     Add a Comment