Share the Love:  Sarah and Bryan

By Sarah

We’ve got another Share the Love post for you today from my friend Sarah!
Sarah was on the BYU Ballroom Dance Company with me.  Well, with Rich too.  I have very fond memories cavorting about the Richard’s building with her getting into all sorts of mischief 🙂

I thought it was hilarious that Rich plays into her and Bryan’s love story.  I told him he makes an appearance in their story and he was like “whaaa?”  Exact quote.  Anyway, don’t Sarah and Bryan make a GORGEOUS couple?  Those lucky kids and their good looking genes!   – Celeste

1. Tell us your love story.

This question makes me laugh because little does he know but Richard Davis has a part in our story. I met my husband on a bad night. It was Ballroom Winter Social night. It was a night for us dancers to get formal and yes, dance. Anyone without a significant other was assigned a formal escort from the dance team. My future husband was invited over to my apartment unbeknownst to me while I was out at this formal. Lucky for him I was assigned two escorts that evening so I arrived home with two guys. He was confused and I was still clueless so I waved at him and ran to my room.

The door knocks and then enters Richard Davis. We exchange some friendly banter and then proceed to the kitchen where we then start to dance. Husband To Be is very confused now. Richard and I were in a dance instruction class together so he came over to study not just randomly dance in my kitchen. Needless to say my future betrothed was a bit intimidated after seeing all my guests and had written me off.

Lucky for me, he took a chance and as I was returning back to my room to turn in for the night he encouraged me to play cards with my room mates. We talked that night and things just progressed into a relationship after that. The best choice I’ve ever made was to take him up on that card game…. and I didn’t even like cards.

2.  What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

His dedication to his family and God. He tries to balance his responsibilities in life and never loses focus on what it most important. It’s comforting to know those are his priorities.

3. What is the best marriage advice you have to offer?

Life can really do damage on a marriage relationship if you let it, but if you lean on each other during challenging times you will come out stronger in the end.

3 thoughts on “Share the Love:  Sarah and Bryan

  1. I met Bryan in law school and he quickly became a source of inspiration for me and others. It is wonderful to watch him and Sarah grow in life and love along with Hunter, Jackson and their new sweet baby girl. Love you guys!

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