Have a Seat. Tell Me About Your Marriage Problems.

Hi friends,

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m looking to plan out my topics and monthly themes for 2017.  Could you guys do me a solid and help me figure out what about your marriage is on YOUR mind?

If you guys don’t let me know about your marriage struggles, I’m left with talking about my own and I just may subject you to hearing more about our stinky sponges, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to reply to my little survey below.

So if you guys could answer these three questions for me, I would super, DUPER appreciate it.  And no worries, this is TOTALLY anonymous so I couldn’t trace your answers back to you even if I wanted to (also I don’t want to 😉 ).

[powr-survey id=04e671a1_1481238653]

If you are having a hard time reading those questions, they are:

  1.  When it comes to improving your marriage, what is the single biggest obstacle you face?
  2. What has been your biggest frustration with your marriage this year?
  3. If you could accomplish just one specific goal for your marriage this coming year, what would it be?


And as long as we are in the new year mode, let’s take a moment and reflect on the good times of 2016.  Here are some highlights to happen here at A Thing Called Love this year:

  • We started our “ask the panel” series with our AMAZING marriage panel (best idea I’ve ever had)
  •  This article I wrote about prayer on LDS.org went viral and got shared almost 75,000 times.
  • I finished my first draft (still a rough draft- very rough) of my book about mixed faith marriages!!!  (more info on that later.  ps my marriage is not a mixed-faith marriage)
  • This article I wrote went viral on Pinterest and has over 38,000 repins.
  • I’m getting all my ducks in a row to switch this site to marriagelaboratory.com around the turn of the new year!  Stay tuned for that, but the goal is Dec 31st.

Exciting stuff.  It’s been a great year! So many great things to come next year! Thanks SOO much for all your support!

(and for telling me about your marriage issues!)

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