Prompt Six: 14 Days of Remembering to Love

Prompt six in our 14 Days of Love series is to describe a time you and your spouse laughed together.

14 Days of Remembering to Love ChallengePrompt 6:  Describe a time when you deep belly laughed with your spouse.

This is a great prompt (pats myself on the back).  Rich and I wrote each other a love letter once upon a time with this exact prompt, so I already have an email full of funny times (because it’s impossible to choose just one).

Most of these laughing sessions occur with other people.  And that’s perfectly fine.  I’m a firm believer that getting together with friends is an excellent way to keep your marriage strong.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today so I shall tell you of five of our favorite funny memories (because it’s too hard to choose just one . . .).

  1.  Once upon a time Rich and I were put in charge of our church congregation’s annual talent show.  As of five days before the show, a measly three acts had signed up.  Not much of a show there, so I spent a lot of time on the phone that week persistently urging people into sharing their talents.

Since we were in a bind, we came up with two acts to contribute that week.  One of which involved three other very generous couples.  The idea for the act was to provide a loose interpretation (very loose) of this youtube clip:

Sadly the video of our performance is lost on our previous Macbook (RIP), but for those who didn’t see, it went really well and looked JUST like that couple in the video . . . .  hahahaha.  We still laugh every time we think of it or watch it (Brian’s shoulder rolls, Josalyn’s giggling and Shelly and Jershon’s stoic-ness were really what made it).

2.  During our Lund family reunion in Southern Utah, we were having a karaoke night (a Lund family reunion must).  After karaokeing well into the night, the family rock star singer Leslie ad-libbed to a song no one had ever heard of.  She just made up a tune.  It was about a church.  Gosh the details are fuzzy, but I remember seriously almost peeing my pants I was laughing so hard.

This isn’t karaoke night, but a picture of that reunion none-the-less:

Lund cousins karaoke

3.  Gosh our old neighbors made us crack up all the time.  I remember one night when Rich and Lance put on a winter coat fashion show.  And the good times just kept on rolling . . .

laughing with friends

4.  Playing Balderdash with the Davis family.  I know not everyone in the family loves this game but it is especially hilarious when those who don’t like it play (cough, cough Brady).  I remember one time in particular at the cabin playing and we were all laughing so hard we were crying.  Something about describing the movie “The Tingler” . . .

Annie and Daddy Warbucks talent showThis isn’t us playing Balderdash, but it is from that same reunion during the talent show portion where Rich and I performed an Annie medley, which provided laughs in it’s own right I suppose, though mostly the kind that was at us not with us 😉

5.  I just remembered another memory at this same cabin when we brought some friends down there for a night.  We stayed up late being ridiculous and playing games.  Definitely another laughed till we cried time.

cabin with friendsAh here we are with Vilja directing us to act out scenes from Choose Your Own Adventure.  🙂

So there are mine.  Your turn!  What’s a fun memory where you belly laughed with your spouse?  (you just have to pick one not 5 😉 )

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank.  So even if you don’t comment- think about it!

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