Organize Your Mind – Organize Your Life.  Giveaway!!!!

By Celeste

This post got a little lengthy- I’ve broken it up into chapters for your reading ease.

Chapter One.  I am a Teenage Boy

This should come as no surprise to you, but my journey into organized, adult life has been a rough and rocky road (not the kind with almonds and marshmallows).

My house-keeping skills seem to have plateaued in my pre-pubescent era where I needed reminders to do things like move my laundry from the washer to the drier on the same day they entered the washer. Or to pay my bills before notices started showing up on my door.  Or to find a permanent home for my keys so I don’t spend 30 minutes looking for them every time I leave the house.  Basically until relatively recently, I had the organizational skills of a teenage boy.


I know how you feel young one.

Photo cred:  Great Schools
Being a mom has helped me get my act together, but also added to the crazy.  Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in random stacks of paper I don’t know what to do with, a gargantuan list of life goals that I never seem to get to and a house I keep meaning to clean/organize more than I ever do. 

I’m sure none of you can relate to any of that.  But just in case you can, GOOD NEWS!!  I have recently come across a program that expertly helps you 1. Organize your house.  2. Organize your goals and 3. Organize your mind.

The program is called Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M) from the lovely people over at Power of Moms.  It was created based of the best-selling book Get Things Done.  But the Get Things Done book is geared more towards career goals.  The M.O.M program takes ideas from the book and gears it directly towards moms.  Perfect!

Basically the program holds your hand and gives you assignments to organize your life.  My favorite part about it is that it clears my head so I don’t have to have this to-do list running round and round my brain like a hamster on a wheel.

You like this image? I hope you do because I just spent the past 45 minutes constructing it for you dear readers (ONLY 45 minutes to construct this work of graphic art mastery?!?). Sacrifice of love. De nada.

Chapter Two.  What is Necessary to Motivate Myself

Occasionally I’ll flip through a seasonal catalog of classes offered at our community center.  I’m always tempted by the photography classes, dance classes, html coding classes.  But then I think- how can I spend my time/money on stuff like this when I can’t even keep my house under control??  What I need is a class on how to organize my house!  Actually what I need is for a class to come into my home and MAKE me organize my house! 

This is that class.

When I was in college, I was a fairly successful student- turned my stuff in, studied for tests, etc.  Until I tried my hand an independent study classes.  These had no deadlines- no oversight.  I tried imposing deadlines on myself, but in the end I had to withdraw from my independent study courses and just take the course at the University because I just couldn’t motivate myself adequately. 

Here’s what I’ve discovered about myself:

Obligations with no accountability or deadlines= Lazy Celeste (browsing Facebook forever!).  No Bueno. 

Obligations with oversight, deadlines and accountability= equation for Celeste productivity heaven. 

Chapter Three.  How the M.O.M Program Can Help!

The program gives you eight assignments over a two-week period.  You have about two days to complete each assignment, which get sent to your email.  The assignments include things like: organizing your email inbox (unbelievably helpful- have you noticed I’m so good at responding to emails these days??), gathering all the paper clutter in your house and creating a master filing system, creating project boxes or shelves, re-organizing your to-do lists, creating goal sheets.  It’s good, good stuff my friends.

Here is how this program has changed my life in the two months since I started it:

  • One of the assignments is to write down ALL of your goals and file them away on their own sheets of paper.  This seemed so overwhelming to me at first, but getting all of my goals and projects down on paper was so, so refreshing!  Now I have reference sheets and idea lists for my upcoming projects and goals instead of just constantly thinking, “Boy, I wish I would get on the ball and make that yearbook for our family or make our stockings, or make a meal plan, etc.”  Even though I obviously haven’t accomplished all my goals- they are written down! And I have a scheduled time to review them! And that feels great.
  • I used to have random papers gathering in stacks all around my house (the book case, kitchen table, above the fridge, on my desk, etc).  Now that I’ve built my M.O.M Machine I have ONE “in-box” sitting on top of my fridge where papers/mail happily find their home every day.  Then, every Monday afternoon I go through my in-box and file what needs to be filed and throw away the rest. 
  • I have a filing system!!  Wheeeee adulthood!
  • The program not only teaches you how to organize your house, but how to organize your TIME.  I’ve always kept a daily to-do list, but now my to-do list is geniusly divided into six sections (HOME, PHONE, COMPUTER, TO DISCUSS, INSPIRATION, ERRANDS AND BLOG).  The genius here is that now when I find I have a moment free when the kids are occupied I think “Ok, I’m home, but I don’t have much energy, what I can knock out in that situation?”  Pull out my list- bingo I can make some phone calls or go through the mail or whatever.  This program has taught me how to fill the little minutes of my day with productivity.  There are SO many little minutes of the day!  Who knew?  And I love that this program accounts for getting things done when you have little energy (because hello… life).

Chapter Four.  Get With the Program!!

The M.O.M. program that is.  Over 8,000 women have used and benefited from this program.  The program costs $75.  But lucky for you readers, The Power of Moms is giving a free copy to one of you!!!

Seriously, this is the PERFECT gift for yourself (or husbands, an AWESOME gift for you wife) for Christmas.  This program will give you every tool you’ll need to actually accomplish all those New Year’s Resolutions. 

Just fill in the Rafflecopter options below to win!  The giveaway will end December 31st. 

22 thoughts on “Organize Your Mind – Organize Your Life.  Giveaway!!!!

  1. This sounds like a great e-course. I have piles all around my house, too. I’d like to consolidate them, but I’m pretty sure they’d swallow me alive.

  2. So now would be a great time to write you an email and get a response back! Ha, that probably won’t happen right away with baby 3 about to appear (I hope!) amid barfing kids, but I’m intrigued by this program. I’m sure I could use it!

  3. What a great giveaway! For me the most difficult thing to stay organized is other people. I have a system, I tell my system, they don’t remember their system or don’t have their own system so they put it all in my area. Ugh. We’re working on it!

  4. I JUST went through a huge stack of papers that moved with us from PA to Chicago…three years ago. I just couldn’t decide what was important, etc. Now, it’s gone (thankfully!), but any system for dealing with the influx of papers etc. would be much appreciated.

  5. Papers are difficult for me too. I try to leave out things I need to deal with (bills, etc), but then they just get moved out of the way and then I find them again and leave them out and it’s a vicious cycle.

  6. Sounds like a great program! I really like the idea of making a file specifically for goals and then setting a regular time to go over them. I always feel like I have a lot of goals or things that I want to do but I just forget about them.

  7. Thanks for the reminder of this website Celeste. I discovered it a few years ago thanks to my sister and has been great at giving perspective and helping make my parenting more deliberate:)

  8. I struggle with consistent organization… Every so often, I go on a cleaning rampage and get everything back in order, but I can never keep it that way.

  9. I so need this. I’ve really leveled with myself lately and have come to the conclusion that I won’t finish my dissertation unless I make some serious changes to my time management and organization habits. If I win, this program with get an honorary degree. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Agh! How did I miss the deadline for entering this contest! I thought it ended the 31st?!? Obviously, I so need help in this department. Anyway, I could relate to your post so closely it was scary. I need help!

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