4 Ways to Be United as Parents Even When You Disagree

 Are you frequently frustrated by how your spouse disciplines or treats your children?  Try out these four rules to be more united as parents. This month’s theme is parenting TOGETHER. In the first post of the series, I gave you permission to prioritize your spouse over your children. Last post, our marriage panel discussed how to blend two very different parenting styles. I’ve mentioned on this blog’s Facebook page and in an email to our email subscribers, but I haven’t officially announced on the blog yet that I’m writing a book!  The topic is based on a series we held a… Read More

Blending Two Very Different Parenting Approaches

Do you have a more strict or more laid back parenting style than your partner? . . . Great!  Our marriage panel is taking on the question of how to blend different parenting styles. This month’s theme is parenting TOGETHER. Last week I gave you permission to prioritize your spouse over your children. This week, we’ve got our amazing marriage panel answering the question of how to agree on parenting tactics?  Hope you enjoy their wisdom as much as I did! Reader Question: “I would love to pick your panel’s mind about how to blend very different parenting styles. My spouse’s… Read More

I Give You Permission to Prioritize Your Spouse Over Your Children

Do your children demand the majority of your time and attention during the day so your spouse gets the dregs at night? You’re not alone. Sometimes we need permission to let go of the parenting “shoulds” for the sake of our marriage.  Welcome to a new month and a new theme!  This month’s theme is PARENTING TOGETHER.  Back when I surveyed my readers, many cited parenting as an area of struggle in their marriage. Its a tricky one.  We can often come to a place in our marriage where we are tolerant of our spouse’s faults, but when their faults come in… Read More

Strengthening Marriage While Transitioning Into Parenthood

Strengthening Marriage while Transitioning Into Parenthood

By:  Claire Cervino This is my e-friend Claire.  Isn’t she and her little family the cutest?!  She crafts, she cooks, she’s an attorney- she’s pretty much superwoman.  Reading her blog, you can tell she has an excellent relationship with her husband, so I knew we needed to gain some of her wisdom and asked her to guest post.  They just had their first child six months ago, which can be a super rough transition.  Here’s some awesome tips on how to make it easier.    -Celeste Hi friends, my name is Claire and I’m happy to be here on A Thing… Read More

3 Tips To Help Your Marriage Survive That Little Green-eyed Monster (a.k.a. your newborn)

Three Tips to Help Your Marriage Survive a Newborn

Three tips to help your marriage survive a newborn. By:  Nancy Clark Celeste here.  Nancy has two qualities that made her perfect to write this guest post: she’s married and she just had a baby.  🙂  Also, she makes me laugh literally every time I’m around her and she’s my neighbor who feels obligated to say yes to me. She and her husband are so great together. We love them so.  Here’s Nancy. Obviously the little green-eyed monster I’m talking about isn’t jealousy, but your newborn. So maybe yours is actually a little blue-eyed or brown-eyed one, mine is still… Read More