How to Agree on How Often to Have Sex

How to Agree on How Often to Have Sex

Your (my readers) response to the question “How do you agree on how often to have sex?” This post is part one of the series:  Improving Intimacy Involved in almost any marriage advice is the word “comprise.”  It’s such a key component in a happy marriage.  However, there are many, many issues where it is almost impossible to compromise.  For instance, when one of you wants a child and the other does not.  You’re not King Solomon, you can’t exactly have a half child.  Or when one of you wants to move and one of you does not.  Pretty hard… Read More

Improving Intimacy Series

Improving Intimacy

Introducing a new series all about improving sexual intimacy in marriage. By Celeste The time has come. We’re doing this. Let’s talk about sexual intimacy. I’ve been avoiding the topic of sex because as I mentioned, I still blush like a school girl if I ever have to say (or lets be honest even type) the word.  But I’d also sort of written off the topic of intimacy because, when I was first thinking about starting a marriage blog, I poked around online to see what was out there in the marriage blog department. I looked at blog after blog and kept… Read More

A Family that Plays Together Stays Together

families that play together stay together

Successful marriages are established and maintained by . . . WHOLESOME RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES This post is part of a 10-part series celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Family: A Proclamation to the World, specifically the sentence, “”Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.” I met Kerry on a Facebook group for LDS bloggers.  I always noticed Kerry was always so kind to share everyone’s posts and give such genuine, thoughtful comments on everyone’s work, expecting nothing in return.  I’ve been so impressed with her. … Read More

3 Tips To Save You From Divorcing Your Husband

By Pam Sykes I love this post!  It’s rare to find someone so willing to break down facades and admit to the real nitty-gritty of working on a marriage.  I’m so glad she talks in depth about marriage counseling – a topic that needs much more attention on this blog. If you’ve ever felt hopeless in your marriage or on the brink of giving up- you’re not alone!  This one is for you! Pam blogs over at Clean Life Happy Wife (follow her on Facebook here).  Give her a follow- you won’t regret it!  – Celeste I ran out the… Read More

Why You Should Get Together With Other Couples More Often

By Josalyn I remember having a conversation with our good friends, Josalyn and David once about advice we were given when we were first married.  Josalyn said one I had never heard before- someone told her that to strengthen her marriage they should get together often with other couples.   This advice sort of seems contradictory- like if you have a free night to bond with your spouse it seems like you should just spend it alone with your spouse. And sometimes you should, but I really think there is something to the idea that getting together with other people… Read More