Making Intimacy Fun

As a mom of three small kids, I very rarely if ever feel sexy. Its much better for me to look forward to sex now that we’ve tried to make it fun instead of steamy every time.  The theme for the month of September will be all about my personal marriage wins.  Each month I send my email subscribers a “win” I’ve had for the month, so the posts this month are taken directly from those emails I’ve sent out.  My email list is where I get pretty personal, so if you want in on this (and duh, you definitely want in on… Read More

Nighttime Routine Tips to Help Any Marriage

That time before bed is precious to a marriage and committing to a happy healthy nightly routine with your spouse can make all the difference in maintaining a happy healthy marriage. By Karla Vance We have all heard that old saying “never go to bed angry” and though some nights are easier than others my husband and I have tried to live by that motto. When the stress of work or home responsibilities get to us, it can make that period before we go to sleep a time that should be filled with cuddles and loving words, combative, restless and… Read More

1 Simple Way to Improve Your Marriage (A Lesson From The Beatles?!)

Hand holding is such a simple act of affection.  So simple its often overlooked, yet its effects can be surprisingly powerful. By Rob Stewart I’ve teamed up again with Rob from Family: Good Things to Come, who has generously offered to provide us with regular guest posts, woo-hoo!!  His article fits in nicely with our theme for the month- marriage advice from famous people 🙂     – Celeste   “I Want to Hold Your Hand” Some months back my wife and I went to a local concert with a Beatles tribute band.. Not surprisingly, one of their featured songs… Read More

No time together? Take the 10 minute DAILY connect for busy couples challenge!

The perfect quality time love language experiment! Each night this week, take 10 minutes to connect and talk to each other distraction free! Click through for more details!

One thing almost every couple has in common is that they are busy. Beat the busy with your spouse! Schedule 10 minutes to connect each and every day.  “How was your day?” “Uhhhh, it was . . . . . ok. How was yours?” “Ummm, busy, but fine.” OR more realistically: “How was your day?” “MOOMMMM! Can I have some milk?” “Uhhh, it was . . . . ok. How was yours?” “DAD!  FEEL MY WIGGLY TOOTH!” “Ummmm, fine. Busy, but fine.” “Knock, knock. . . . . . . . .  HEY!  KNOCK KNOCK!!!” Last month while researching for… Read More

The Weekly Marriage Check In: A Happier Marriage Week by Week

Want a happier, healthier relationship? Give yourselves a weekly check up! Start with gratitude, then discuss your needs. Every couple needs a safe, regular place to talk about the hard stuff and prevent fights before they happen! Click through to learn how xoxox

Companionship inventory, marriage meeting, weekly marriage check in or check up- whatever you call it, if you want a healthy, long lasting relationship, you should be doing it!  One of the first posts of this site was How to Conduct a Weekly Companionship Inventory. That was almost two years ago! Its time to revisit this critical piece of marriage advice. A Weekly Marriage Check In: Why You Need It Marriage counselor Marcia Naomi Berger in her book, Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted gives some pretty convincing evidence that these weekly… Read More