The Power of a Good Greeting: 5 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse at the End of the Day


The first minute when you see your spouse at the end of the day sets the tone for the rest of the night. Make it count! A typical scene when my husband gets home from work: I’m trying to finish up transforming ramen and broccoli into something that will pass as “dinner.” Sadly, the kids’ screen time has just expired and they are acting as though they’ve never had the TV shut off before. My husband enters in and my first thought is, “Shoot! I wasted the afternoon! Why didn’t I start dinner sooner?” Husband enters in a chaotic scene… Read More

Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides “How Was Your Day?”

Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides, "How Was Your Day?" We all get in the rut of asking lame questions and receiving lame answers. Click through for some great ideas of more inspired questions to ask your spouse each day to foster better connection and communication.

If you don’t want lame answers, you can’t ask lame questions.  Here are some tried and true different questions to ask your spouse at the end of the day besides, “How was your day?” This is the last post from our rituals and routines month.  Check out the other posts: No time together? Take the 10 minute DAILY connect for busy couples challenge! The Weekly Marriage Check In: A Happier Marriage Week by Week Low Energy Ways to Connect With Your Spouse Besides TV   So often the only daily re-cap my husband and I give each other is, “How was… Read More

Weekly Marriage Tip:  Put Your Spouse On Your To-Do List

This week’s marriage tip was inspired by my friend Michelle over at the blog Motherhood in the Major Leagues.  She posted about this video clip Spouse vs Kids:  Finding Balance in Marriage: The speaker here is Matt Townsend, whom I had never heard of, but apparently he is a relationship expert (according to his website), so I guess we should all listen to him.  Also, how do I acquire this title? Anyway, I likes what he has to say.  Here are his four tips on finding the balance in your marriage: 1. Find the compliment not the critique. 2. Lose… Read More

Weekly Marriage Tip:  The 15 Second Kiss

By Celeste I thought it might be fun to share a short little marriage tip every week that I find online or elsewhere. This week, it’s the 15 second kiss from the blog Fierce Marriage.  The challenge is pretty much what it sounds like. . . kiss your spouse for 15 seconds everyday for a week. Pretty simple right? The thing about kissing is, as it says in the article, “It’s nearly impossible to kiss for an extended period of time and not feel closer.” Long kissing- it’s good for marital bonding.  Read what Ryan and Selena learned from their… Read More

Advice Needed:  How to Best Bond with Your Spouse

How to Best Bond With Spouse at Night

What’s the best part of your day?  Mine is easy.  When we finally finished the bedtime marathon; all the waters have been drunk, the songs sung, the stories read, the prayers said, the hugs and kisses dished out, and Rich and I shut the door and give each other that raised-eyebrows I-can’t-believe-how-long-that-takes-every-night look.  And we go downstairs and raid the kitchen for the junkiest thing in the house (which unless it’s the day of grocery shopping is usually something lame like hot chocolate because all the best junk was consumed the night of grocery shopping) and open the laptop to… Read More