Episode 40: The Why and How of Boundaries Featuring Kirk Voss

Celeste and Rich have been explaining boundaries this month a lot like how they *make* boundaries in real life: doing their best, but could definitely use the help of an expert! Therapist Kirk Voss (of the EmotionAlly podcast) is on hand to talk more about boundaries. There is a discussion of the theory behind boundary setting, the emotion that can (but not necessarily should!) drive the way we make them, and practical applications of when and how boundaries should play a part in expressing your needs. This interview is divided up into two episodes:   Show Notes Kirk’s website Kirk’s… Read More

Episode 37: Blame (“Your Fault”)

Ah the blame game. So unproductive and yet so common. So much time wasted stuck in resentment. Yet, how do we get out of this trap? How to avoid the blame game all together? Well, that takes some inner work my friends! Getting to that magical mixture of acceptance AND boundaries. In this episode, we give some therapy to the song, “Your Fault” from the musical “Into the Woods. And Rich’s re-write is seriously his best work yet! Rich’s lyrics: “But it isn’t my fault, my partner’s a jerk Of the two of us I’m the one who’s done the… Read More

Episode 36: Choosing Your Partner (“What I’m Looking For”) Featuring Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

We are so happy to welcome Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife back to the podcast! She is the perfect guest to bring on for our inner work month and today we are talking about how we deal with being dissatisfied in our marriages and how to CHOOSE our partner every day. And it doesn’t always look how we think it will! Sometimes we think “choosing” our partner means we really don’t have a choice. But realizing we DO have a choice frees us from the chains of obligation (“I HAVE to be with my partner”) and brings us into freedom (“I CHOOSE… Read More

Episode 35: Issues (“Issues”)

Oh the issues we take with the song “Issues” by Julia Michaels! “I’ve got issues, but you’ve got em too. Give yours all to me and I’ll give mine to you.” Uh-oh. Someone forgot to study relationship truth 101: it is not your partner’s job to solve your personal issues and it is not your job to solve your partner’s. This lesson is only forgotten every day in most relationships, so our friend Julia is in good company. Thankfully, Rich is here to make some much needed improvements to this song! Join us as we discuss the inner work necessary… Read More

Episode 34: Inner Work Good Ones

Introducing our theme for the next 4 podcasts: Inner work! Celeste’s favorite topic! This episode is another installment of our “good ones” series where instead of poo-pooing on love songs, we celebrate ones that give good advice and postulate on why. “I Love Me” by Meghan Trainor (Celeste’s pick) and “Symphony” by Clean Bandit (Rich’s pick) are given the honors today, and come to think of it, compliment each other very well. Add a Comment