Book Review: For All Eternity

A Review of For All Eternity, a book by John Lund

A review of the book For All Eternity by Dr. John Lund. My friend Sabrina, who posted her Share the Love post with us last month had such great advice that she gleaned from the book For All Eternity that I knew I had to ask her to do a separate book review post.  Even if you don’t think you’ll read the book, you should seriously get in on the advice/overview she’s written for us. This post is littered with gold nuggets of communication wisdom.  Content communicating??  Gold!  Thanks Sabrina! Book:  For All Eternity by Dr. John Lund Reviewer:  Sabrina… Read More

Share the Love: Sabrina and Matt

Share the Love Sabrina and Matt: Sharing the Love one love story at a time.

A Share the Love post highlighting Sabrina and Matt’s love story and advice.  It’s been far too long since we’ve done a Share the Love post!  Thankfully today we are going to remedy that.  We’ve got my good friend Sabrina here to share the love with us all.  Sabrina is a friend forever close to my heart.  We worked together for seven months as missionary companions in Slovenia.  Rada njej imam!      –  Celeste What’s Your Love Story? Matt and I met in Provo Canyon in Utah. I had recently moved to take a job at BYU, and he was in… Read More

How to Better Listen to a Depressed Spouse

How to Better Listen to a Depressed Spouse

How to better listen to a depressed spouse using the F.L.A.P. method: focus, lean, affirm, probe. One of the most popular articles on my blog, with over 10,000 page views to date is Supporting a Spouse Through Depression by Brad Tuft.  I’ve wanted to expand on this subject since depression is such a difficult and common problem in marriages, but neither Rich nor I have experienced clinical depression and it’s a difficult topic to ask someone to write about. Which is why I was SO grateful when Joshua from reached out to me.  Guys, this site is a great… Read More

My Best Marriage Advice After 10 Years of Marriage

My best marriage advice after 10 years of marriage.You can't provide solutions to all your spouse's problems, nor can you expect them to solve yours. But you can be each others soft place to land.

My best marriage advice:  you cannot solve most of your spouse’s problems, nor should you expect them to solve yours, but you CAN be a soft place for them to land. By Rachel Neilson I’ve already sung Rachel’s abundant and well-deserved praises when she guest posted for our infertility series here.  So I won’t embarrass her further.  But I will say that I can’t stop thinking about this advice!  “Be a cushion against the writhing for your spouse.”  It’s beautiful and totally within our power.    -Celeste When Ryan and I were in Mexico celebrating our 10th anniversary, we started chatting… Read More

A Therapist Answers Your Questions about Sex – Part 2

A Therapist Answers Your Questions About Sex

A marriage and family therapist answers more of YOUR questions about sex. By Aimee Heffernan This post is part 4.5 of the series:  Improving Intimacy Part 1:  How to Agree on How Often to Have Sex Part 2:   Waiting for Sex Until Marriage- Can I Really Do It?   Part 3:  When Sex is Painful:  One Woman’s Story Part 4:  A Therapist Answers Your Questions About Sex Part I This post is the second part of answers to your (our readers’) questions about sex, as provided by my friend, Aimee Heffernan, a certified, licensed marriage and family therapist. Aimee’s answers in Part I… Read More