Everything You Need For An Awesome YouTube Date Night (including LOTS of hilarious video suggestions)

A few weeks ago I posted this post on our Instagram account: I have since been asked by a few of you for video recommendations. Friends, I am SO glad you asked! Rich and I have basically made a surprising full switch from watching Netflix shows at night to watching YouTube clips (I’ll list our favorite channels to follow at the end of this post). They are fast, they are fun and they are PLENTIFUL my friends. Or at least we were watching YouTube clips before our night time got eaten by the Podcast monster (it’s a nice monster, we… Read More

Dear single friends, go for the nice one

Dear single friends, go for the nice guy.

The traits we find appealing in a companion when we’re single are often not the traits that make for a successful relationship.  Single friends, go for the nice one.   Recently I got together with a big group of old friends.  Pretty quickly the conversation turned to the love lives of the single ladies in the group for analysis.  (Their lives do tend to have more interesting updates.  I think my contribution involved updating the group on the status of my daughter’s war on vegetables (she’s winning)). I was taken back by two of my friends who were both facing… Read More