40 Loving Texts to Send Right Now To Make Your Spouse’s Day

Sample loving texts to make your spouse smile, including thinking of you texts, sappy texts, intimate texts, apology texts and humorous texts.

I’ve been trying to text something nice to my husband everyday this month since that is our love experiment of the month.

And I gotta say . . . . its getting hard to come up with original material!  This has nothing to do with my husband’s boundless awesomeness and everything to do with my lame, directionless texting.

So, just some advice before we dig into sample texts, I would say if you want to give your relationship a little boost by way of text messages for say a week or a month, I would really recommend having a theme or some prompts to work with.  For example, tell them something you appreciate about them everyday or something you were grateful that they did for you.  Or you could send a fun memory you had together everyday.

Filling out our 14 love letter prompts was VERY helpful at the beginning of the month (my lame texts problem started after that was over).  If you’re looking for even MORE prompts, try our 14 Days of Remembering to Love prompts from last year or our 42 love letter prompts.  (you would think with so many prompts I would have such a problem with un-creative texts).

Loving texts to send your partner. Click through to read thinking about you texts, sappy texts, apology texts and humorous texts.

Now if you want to just send a one-time loving text, I’ll include some of the following ideas to get your mind rolling.  I find it best to start with something like:

“Hey babe [or your choice of pet name], I’ve just been thinking about you and . . . [insert loving text]”  

Loving Text Prompts:

Thinking of You:

Having one of those days and gosh, I’m so glad you’re in my life.

Hey there handsome/beautiful [insert business item here]

No matter how you feel about yourself today, remember there’s AT LEAST one person who thinks youare the most competent, awesome, amazing person in the world.

What can I do to make your day or night easier? Really, I want to help.

I’ve been thinking about you all day

I can’t wait to see you.

Miss your face.

I loved spending time together this morning/last night.

So proud of you for working so hard babe.

Wish you were here with me right now.

Thinking about you and its making me smile.

Just makin your favorite dinner over here.

How’s that project going at work today? Hope you’re having a good day!


I just got a huge wave of love for you.

I don’t say it enough, but I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

I love it when you _____

Guess what???? [what?] I love you more than anything in the whole wide world.

I can’t imagine my life without you.

I really admire your ability to _____ That is so important to me and you are awesome at it.

Just thinking about [our first date/first kiss/wedding/etc]. I love that memory- I’d do it all over again!

Remember that time when we ______? Gosh I love you.

Just wanted to hit the pause button today to tell you how grateful I am to be your spouse.

Today’s been meh so far, I just want to snuggle with you.

Thanks for always believing in me.

I love our life together.


(Maybe I wasn’t clear in the bold title, but these mean sexy times texts- or anticipating sexy times. These are really excellent texts to send your spouse in the middle of the day and your message can be totally clear just by using the ever-helpful winky emoticon. And then maybe add a kiss-blowing/winky emoji just to keep your intentions crystal clear.)

You + me tonight?? 😉

Last night was AMAZING! Let’s do that again. 😉

Let’s make tonight all about you 😉

Let’s have some fun tonight 😉 Wink, wink.

You earned a massage when you get home tonight. 😉

You were lookin’ good this morning 🙂

Apology/Rough Days:

I’m sorry, you were right.

Sorry I was weird last night, can we start over? Let me make it up to you tonight.

I know I don’t always do things right, but I’m trying because I love you. I will always keep trying. Thanks for being patient with me.

Sorry your work sucks- I so appreciate all you do for our family even when I don’t say it enough!

Sorry you’re having a rough day. Back massage tonight?


(Me again): Humor is such a great go-to for texts because it’s flirty and fun. This section however, was short and sad, so I asked the Marriage Laboratory Facebook page for some ideas of what they text when they want to make their spouse laugh and they had some GREAT suggestions including: inside jokes, GIFS, funny things your kids do/say, funny youtube videos, and poop emojis (we like to keep it classy). These are all much better ideas than the examples below, so you should try one of those ideas first, but if you need a little guidance, here ya go:

Still laughing about what you said last night . . .

I’m prepping my arms for a long, warm embrace when you get home. I suggest you do the same. Otherwise it will be lopsided. Don’t ruin this for me.

Gosh, stop making me think about you. I’m busy!

Guess what???? [what?] Chicken butt. Just kidding, I love you.

If those fail (I mean I can’t imagine the chicken butt gig EVER failing, but just in case), just send them this GIF of a baby trying to drink a shake through a window:


Happy texting!

Edit:  I wrote this post a year ago and in the past year, I’ve noticed more and more of mine and Rich’s texts tend to involve GIFS. (I mean why type something out when the thought you’re trying to convey has already been embodied in a 5-second video clip??)  I think a well-placed GIF can give even the most mundane text some pizzazz. And those already-pizzazzy texts? Well, it can take them to the next level.

So, I’ve gone through the effort of compiling our favorite GIFS for each of the text categories in this post (thinking of you, sappy, intimate, humorous) and putting them into this little freebie here.  If you want the list of our favorite GIFS, just type your email right down there and the GIF compilation will appear in your inbox like magic!

GIFS to text your partner

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14 Days of Love Letters

Introducing our love experiment for the month as well as our 14 days of love letters challenge.

Alright, it’s time to introduce our Marriage Laboratory Experiment of the Month (MLEM if you like- you can remember it because it sounds like phlem).

This year all our experiments are based on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages book and February will be all about . .. . . .


Here’s the experiment explained scientific method style:


  • We feel disconnected from our spouses when we forget to make an effort to connect.
  • Studies have shown our positive to negative interactions should be at a ratio of 5:1 for a healthy relationship, and we need a way to ensure we keep the ratio on the positive side.
  • Our spouses feel unloved when we forget to show we appreciate them.

Experiment Method:  Send our partner a nice text or email or note every day.

Materials needed:

  • a phone or computer or pen and paper.
  • grateful heart


  • Our spouses love tanks will be fuller as they feel more noticed, loved and appreciated
  • We will notice more of the positive things our partner’s do instead of focusing on the negative

If you want to join along in our experiment, grab our FREE PDF of these prompts with space for you to fill out the answers at the bottom of this post.

Or I would love it if you joined in the experiment and let us know how its going on our Facebook page!

Also, as part of the words of affirmation challenge, I will be posting everyday for the first 14 days of February (until Valentine’s day) answering one of these love letter prompts:

  1. When did you first know they were the one for you?  How?
  2. What is a skill they’ve developed this year they should be proud of?
  3. What makes your partner different from anyone else in the world?
  4. When was a time they made you blush?  (in a good way)
  5. Tell how they make you feel good about yourself (be specific).
  6. What is something your partner does that you think is sexy?
  7. When is a time you were very proud to be married to your partner?
  8. What have they helped you accept about yourself?  How?
  9. What are a few little things they do that just make you smile?
  10. Describe a date you’ve been on together when you had a lot of fun.
  11. If you could go back in time to a down-on-their-luck young version of your partner, what would you tell them about how awesome they turn out?
  12. What is a quirk your partner has that you find endearing?
  13. What is your favorite memory with your partner this past year?
  14. What one thing could you do today to make your partner happier?

These would make for great prompts for your daily text/email/note, OR the compilation of these love letters would make for a GREAT Valentine’s gift!

We did the same thing last February with different prompts and great success.  Filling out love letter prompts everyday filled me with all sorts of butterflies and mush.


14 Days of Love Letters {Marriage Laboratory}

If you want the free printable PDF of these prompts- it looks like this with one prompt per page:

Romantic Love Notes free printable

Grab it here:

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