Always Be Yourself, but Also Always Be Someone Completely Unlike Yourself.  Love, Pinterest

When I was single, I got a LOT of bad relationship advice.  I also dished out a lot of bad relationship advice. My girl friends and I spent many a late night analyzing our relationships (or lack thereof), advising one another the best we knew how.  The only people I ever got advice from was other single people.  You know who single people should stop seeking relationship advice from??

Other unhappy single people in bad relationships.

You know who they should start seeking relationship advice from?
People who have been in a healthy, committed relationship for a long time.  (Like married people for instance.  Like happily married people) (I realize married people aren’t the only people with good relationship advice, but this is a marriage blog . . .)

Case in point:  Pinterest.

Look up “marriage advice” or “marriage quotes” on Pinterest and you get some pretty good stuff like, “Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is very special”  or “Real love isn’t just a spontaneous, euphoric feeling– it’s a deliberate choice” There are occasional duds in there, but for the most part, it’s good stuff.  But look up “relationship advice” or “love quotes.”  And the advice becomes. . .well, see for yourself.

Dubious relationship advice I found (very easily) on Pinterest:


Oh that time I yelled at you? Called you lazy and insensitive? Just expressing my love, no worries . . . (worry when you follow relationship advice that tells you to fight more)

And if she scares the hell out of you a lot, marry her on the spot!!!

Marry the one that makes you feel like wasted money and indigestion (I guess maybe we should eat at fancier restaurants . . . . )

I like my love like I like my chili- burning my mouth and insides. And when it cools down, down the sink with it!

Because it not working out with anyone surely has NOTHING to do with you . . .

Love. It’s never worth waiting for.

So remember, if you ever have ANY worries, your love is a farce.

That’s how I want my man to look at me . .. squinting and in pain.

Don’t ask me where I’ve been, or how much money I spend or who I’ve been with or about that corpse in the garage. I owe no explanation. (note: if you hear somebody say this- please do not marry this person)

Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts. Unless you want to be sexy or pretty . . .

Even if it takes me spending all his money and hating his family and friends and demanding all his time and attention always. Juuuust wait for it . . .

Um, what universe are you living in? Also, how can I get to this burden-removing universe??

Hm. All I see is sore ankles and regret. I’d rather wear my pain like crocs . . . I guess I’m not a strong woman. Bummer.
*All these pictures are linked to their original pins if you click on them.  In case you, ya know, want re-pin these gems.

13 thoughts on “Always Be Yourself, but Also Always Be Someone Completely Unlike Yourself.  Love, Pinterest

  1. Hahah. This is awesome. But even better is YOUR responses to them. I think my favorite is the ‘blind man seeing the sun’ one. haha!

  2. Wow some of these are funny. I remember getting advice from my single friends, but at the end finding a good role-model for a happy marriage is probably the best idea.

  3. Hahahaha I’m so grateful someone finally pointed out the fallacies so often found on Pinterest! That food at a restaurant one has bugged me forever. They’re a person … not a steak. #objectification Also, can I go to that burden-removing universe, too? Wonderful post!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This was too perfect for words. I spent yesterday afternoon chatting with a friend about how to pick the right guy. She keeps meeting guys with everything on her list, but she says she feels no butterflies, and then chases down these guys who want nothing to do with her, or are emotionally unavailable, because BUTTERFLIES. I told her that if she wants to have whirlwind romances that end in tears, keep chasing butterflies, but if you want a marriage and a companion through all of life’s ups and downs, you pick the man with the good qualities on your list. I never had butterflies with my husband, I had someone who I could trust, who made me laugh, and who worked hard to be a good man. He also wouldn’t tolerate shitty behavior from anyone, including me. He makes me want to be a better me, and makes me realize that working together and committing through the hard stuff is so much more worth it than a guy that gives you butterflies or a steamy night but can’t hack life for anything. My mom died from cancer, and I got really depressed, and any of those butterfly guys would’ve bailed because I was tough to live with, but he knew what i was going through, and became my best friend (even more so than before) because of what we’ve been through together.

    1. Lana- YES! I guess hindsight is 20/20 because it is CRAZY to me to have conversations with some of my girlfriends about this topic. I’m like, “OBVIOUSLY you should go for the NICE guy!” So obvious! And they’re like, “Nah, we’ll go with the one that treats us like dirt.” Sadly I think I was the same way for a while- always chasing the flattery, but now that I’m married, it’s SHOCKINGLY clear who will and won’t make for a good spouse and flattery does not play into it.

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