Episode 6: Empathy and Friendship (“Stand by You” “You’re My Best Friend”) Show Notes

Podcast episode on friendship and empathy in your marriage

Guess what?

Not all love songs have bad advice! (I know, shocking!)

In effort to praise songs with good advice (and in an attempt to not be the world’s greatest kill joys), we present our first episode called “The Good Ones.”

We separately selected songs they thought had great relationship advice and then present them on the show.

I chose “Stand by You” by Rachel Platten (not to be confused with “I’ll Stand By You” . . . you’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head now) because I think it offers a great example of what empathy is and what it isn’t.

Rich chose “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen to talk about finances . . . .  just kidding to talk about friendship! It’s a lovely song with even lovelier lyrics sure to make you go “awww.”

The takeaways this week are to offer empathy instead of sympathy when your spouse is feeling down and to treat your spouse as you would a great friend (because . . . that’s what they should be 😉 ).


As always, I’ll just stick the music videos here for your viewing pleasure 🙂


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