Episode 30: Best of Season 1 Show Notes

We’re back baby!

You can listen to first episode of season 2 of the Marriage Theraoke podcast right here folks (just press that green arrow down there, or listen in any podcast player of your choice).

For this episode, Rich and I both selected three of our favorite moments from Season 1 and we share them with you in the episode.

If you are a first time listener, this is the perfect introduction.

If you are a long time listener, this is a fun walk down memory lane/ reminder of solid relationship advice.

We’ve got interviews, re-written love songs and marriage tips.

From here on out, our podcast episodes will be dropping every Thursday!


Show Notes:

Former episodes mentioned in this episode:

 Episode 25: Honoring Your Partners Dreams (“A Million Dreams”) Featuring Laura Heck

Episode 5: Weekly Marriage Check In (“Say Something”) Featuring Jershon and Shelly Lopez

Episode 22: Shadow Work (“Baby One More Time”) Featuring Jana Spangler

Episode 12: Professional Partnership (“Shut Up and Dance”) Featuring Kyle and Allie Spinder

Episode 24: Theory Class (“Foundations of Love”)

Episode 17: Narcissism (“You’re So Vain”) Featuring Tony Overbay

Episode 18: The Drama Triangle (“Fix You”) Featuring Tammy Jones and Debbie Reid


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