Episode 29: Can You Change Your Partner? (“Take Me or Leave Me”) Featuring Janessa Zech

can you change your partner

“Take me as I am, baby, or leave me.”

Can you change your partner? Can you even ask your partner to change?

Marriage Theraoke goes Broadway with the song, “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent.

We a little bit of a hard time nailing down a specific topic for this song because the song encapsulates so many common relationship problems.

The idea of “take me or leave me” has Maureen and Joanne (the couple in the song) both stuck trying to change each other but unwilling to change themselves.

Since we can’t expect to change our partner, we should start with ourselves. Join us as we discuss self-confrontation, listening to each other’s concerns and healthy expectations.

And who better to discuss a musical with than a legitimate musical theater performer? Janessa Zech joins us to talk about changing your partner and does us one better by performing this week’s song rewrite!


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