Spiritual Essays

For the past few years, I’ve felt this tug on my conscience.

My conscience has been telling me to prioritize my spiritual writing more.

I’ve found this call to be difficult to answer. First off with sheer logistics- I’m so busy with raising four young kids and keeping up with my website, podcast and social media accounts that I didn’t have much time for an extra project.

Second off, it’s quite vulnerable to post about my ideas about God and self because my ideas have changed so much in the past few years- what if I offend people with my new way of seeing things? What if my ideas are too archaic or mainstream for others? My spirituality is something so core to my identity that it feels quite scary to put it out in the world subject to the opinions and criticism of others.

But my fears not withstanding, my conscience tugged all the more last year. I finally started sending one spiritual essay each Sunday to a friend of mine mostly to hold myself accountable to actually doing it (for her part, she was mostly just grateful I wasn’t asking her to be my diet accountability partner). I called them “Letters to Jack.”

This experiment has been so fulfilling and fruitful. When I’m writing about spirituality, I feel like I’m living in my “zone of genius” instead of my “zone of expertise” (I’m reading The Big Leap right now 🙂 ). I finally started heeding my conscience by starting to write a book this year and I feel a satisfaction and peace that was missing while on the hamster wheel of my “zone of expertise.”

Anyway, I plan to make a website and publish these essays more publicly soon, but in the meantime, if you care to read my on-going thoughts about God and get one of my spiritual essays in your inbox each Sunday, put your email in this box here and let’s do this thing!