Marriage Lab

By Celeste We’re starting a new series called “Marriage Lab” where we pose an advice needed question, take the best suggestion from the comments and then do that suggestion for a week. We’ll then of course report back on how it went 🙂 A few weeks ago, I posted this post asking the question:  What do you guys do after your kids go to bed or when you both get home from work to bond BESIDES watching something together?? We got some AMAZING responses!  62 to be exact!  Rich and I had a grand time reading through them all and… Read More

Guest Postin’

By Celeste Hey guys, Erica, who runs the blog Erica Start Walking so kindly asked me to guest post a birth story for her since she just had her baby last week and will be taking a little blogging hiatus for a bit.  I wrote about our most recent birth story.  Check it out here.  And a big congrats to Erica!!! Add a Comment

Halloween Three Amigos Style.          Subtitle:  Is It Raining Gringos?

By Celeste Ever since we became sort of Pin-amous (Pinterest famous) from our Halloween costumes last year . . . . . . we were feeling some serious Pin-ressure (Pinterest pressure) for this year’s costume.  In fact, when I visited Texas last February that’s the first thing most people talked to me about was our Halloween costumes.  PRESSSSURE. A couple of times the past year we asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween and every time our oldest would say “Jessie!” (Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story).  Which is exactly what she went as last year .… Read More

Dear Daughter, True Love is Hard.  But Falling in Love is Easy.

Dear Daughter, Falling in Love is Easy, but true love is hard.

By Eve Tuft I had Eve in mind to write this post for a long time now.  She mentions this in her post, but once upon a time when Eve still lived in Iowa (boo- come back!), she and I worked with the youth together.  She gave a lesson one time to the teenage girls and asked “Do you think it’s easy to fall in love?” And thinking the answer was going to be, “No! Marriage is HARD!”  They all chimed, “No”  And Eve was all “Heck yes it’s easy to fall in love!!  It’s hard to STAY in love.”… Read More