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By Celeste and Rich I was sent this message on Friday: I’ve been wanting (and trying!) to get married for forever (it seems) and thus, doing everything I can to prepare for it, i.e. reading articles/blogs, talking to married ppl, going to marriage prep classes, becoming a better person, dating a lot, etc. But I also have a unique situation where the Lord has told me I need to prepare for a career. So I’ve been working on that the last 3 years and I’ve finally found a career that works for me – counseling. Unfortunately, this requires many more… Read More

Dear me, You got this. (A letter to my past one-child self)

By Celeste Yesterday Claire guest posted on my blog and today I did on hers.  We pulled the old switcheroo on you.  She asked me to write about advice for having more than one kid (she has one kid :). I decided to write a letter to myself back when I had just one kid.  I was pretty overwhelmed at that point, so I think I would have benefited from my own advice to not be such a worrywart. Anyway, check it out:  post here. 1 Comment Share

Strengthening Marriage While Transitioning Into Parenthood

Strengthening Marriage while Transitioning Into Parenthood

By:  Claire Cervino This is my e-friend Claire.  Isn’t she and her little family the cutest?!  She crafts, she cooks, she’s an attorney- she’s pretty much superwoman.  Reading her blog, you can tell she has an excellent relationship with her husband, so I knew we needed to gain some of her wisdom and asked her to guest post.  They just had their first child six months ago, which can be a super rough transition.  Here’s some awesome tips on how to make it easier.    -Celeste Hi friends, my name is Claire and I’m happy to be here on A Thing… Read More

Fatigue:  The Common Enemy of a Happy Marriage

Six Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage When You're Really, Really Tired

Six Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage When You’re Really, Really Tired By Celeste Because I like you I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . sometimes Rich and I fight.  Sometimes we fight frequently and sometimes we fight loudly, other times silently and many times fervently.  These fights range in subject matter from very serious issues like finances and parenting techniques to sometimes even more serious issues like what’s the most effective way to keep our kitchen sponges from stinking? Replace them frequently or microwave them and keep them forever?  (the correct answer is to replace them… Read More

Marriage Lab

By Celeste We’re starting a new series called “Marriage Lab” where we pose an advice needed question, take the best suggestion from the comments and then do that suggestion for a week. We’ll then of course report back on how it went 🙂 A few weeks ago, I posted this post asking the question:  What do you guys do after your kids go to bed or when you both get home from work to bond BESIDES watching something together?? We got some AMAZING responses!  62 to be exact!  Rich and I had a grand time reading through them all and… Read More