Merry Christmas from Donny and Marie Osmond

By Celeste THIS. So, on Thanksgiving day, Rich and I received an email asking if we would be willing to participate in a Christmas lip sync contest for our church Christmas party the next week. !!!!!! Would we?!??? We would. Our friends, the McAllisters (with whom we were staying over Thanksgiving break) nicely let us waste their entire evening browsing YouTube trying to decide which song to do.  We were leaning heavily toward this 1986 Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air-ish Christmas rap called “Chillin’ With Santa” that Rich had unearthed.  The Muppets’ Ringing of Bells also crossed our minds (we’re such big fans of… Read More

“Joy Will Return”: Taking Care of Yourself, Your Spouse and Your Marriage During Infertility 

By Rachel Nielson This post is fifth of a six-part series: Confronting Infertility in Marriage I’m so honored to have Rachel guest posting for me today.  To be honest, when I very first thought about starting this blog, I knew I wanted guest posting to be a HUGE part of it and I initially wondered, “Ooh I wonder if Rachel would post on my blog??”  Rachel is a little out-of-my-league blog-wise.  She is an editor of the Power of Moms blog and writes there frequently (sneak peak: I’m writing an upcoming post on guilt and heavily feature her recent article… Read More

The Years Before We Met Our Baby: The Unexpected Blessings of Infertility

By Camber Hess This post is the fourth of a six-part series:  Confronting Infertility in Marriage Today’s post is by my friend Camber, who is another former (and missed) Iowa City citizen.  Camber inspires the heck out of me.  I live in awe of her and her strength.  She’s so helpful, quick to laugh and just unbelievably sweet.  She doesn’t mention this in her post, but she told me it would be okay to share that just three months ago they lost their second child, Sarah, who was just four days old.  Camber writes the story so so beautifully here… Read More

Infertility?  That Was Not in the Plan:  Supporting Your Spouse Through Infertility

By Karson Denney We’re continuing on in our series this week: confronting infertility in marriage. I’m so excited to introduce you all to a such a lovely couple as Karson and Betsy Denney.  I first met Karson because he was actually a ballroom dance teacher of mine at BYU.  A bit of happenstance led us to become much better friends the next year.  Karson and Betsy were THE king and queen of the BYU ballroom dance world in the era Rich and I were there.  (Rich and I met on the ballroom dance company- HOW has this not come up… Read More

“Where, when my aching grows … where can I run?”: Living with Infertility

By:  Loralee Continuing on in our series this week: confronting infertility in marriage.  Here’s a post by my friend Lori. What do I say about Lori?  Hmmm.  She is my BFF.  I admittedly have a history of being a tad hyperbolic with the term “BFF,” but for real: it’s Lori.  We’re talking bridesmaid, college roommate, joy school (joy school!) level of BFF here.  It’s funny, when we were roommates Lori and I always imagined that I would be the one to struggle with infertility and she would be the one with tons of children (this assumption was based largely on… Read More