Last year sometime I got together with a bunch of gals from my hometown.  Most of us hadn’t seen each other in years.  Some were married, some not.  Some had kids, some not.  As the night progressed, the ladies with kids tended to congregate together to discuss the gamut of kid topics (public tantrum stories, sleep training, power struggles, etc etc).  I joined right in, chiming in with my kids’ antics.  After a while one of the married with no kids ladies said, “Sheesh, I don’t think I ever want kids.”  The comment was made in jest and no one… Read More

Rich’s Thoughts on Companionship Inventory

Weekly Marriage Questions

You may think by the title, that this post is written by Rich.  You would be wrong 🙂  Me (Celeste) again.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear from him soon enough. A few things you may not know about Rich:  he has superman calf muscles (seriously, they’re out of control), we’ve yet to find a limit to the amount of eggnog Rich can drink in a day (we can’t be dishing out all our grocery bill on eggnog, so the limit has yet to have a quantifiable test), and he used to be a dear abby-ist of sorts.  For a number of… Read More

Improving Your Marriage With Weekly Companionship Inventory

Here are some questions you and your spouse should be asking each other each week.

Here is how to hold a weekly marriage inventory with your spouse each week.   Ok, are you guys ready for this?  I’m about to hit you with the very best marital advice we have.  The big guns.  Just wanted to make sure you’re ready and aware- this is the best we’ve got to offer.  All downhill from here…. Here goes.  Have companionship inventory every week.  Allow me to explain: Just prior to when Rich and I started dating I was serving a mission for the LDS church in Slovenia.  You’re familiar with LDS missionaries I assume?  You know- go… Read More

Matchy matchy

Just, right off the bat, we thought we’d be completely up front with you guys in order to dispel any whisperings to the tune of, “Do they both really have the EXACT same pair of glasses?”  Yes, it’s true.  We do.  And we both wear them daily.  One of us thought it would be super awesome to be twins every day and display our compatibility for the world to see.  One of us….. didn’t think that.  But actually, Rich needed new glasses and they were buy one, get one free, so we put my prescription in the second pair. As… Read More

Stepping it up

Source Mindy Kaling in her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns has a chapter called “Married People Need to Step it up.” She jokes that her married friends can’t seem to talk about marriage without complaining, which she doesn’t want to hear about.  Rather, she says, “I want to hear that you guys watch every episode of The Bachelorette together in secret shame… I want to see you guys high-five each other like teammates on a recreational softball team…. I want to hear about it because I know it’s possible, and because I want it for… Read More