How To Feel When You Don’t Keep Your Goals

How to Motivate Yourself When You Don't Keep Your Goals

By Celeste What a great title to start out the new year, eh??  It’s January 8th, let’s just assume you’ve all failed in all of your New Year’s Resolutions by now.  If you’re still going strong, come back next week 😉 Just kidding. . . I actually really love goals.  I LOVE making goals.  I love the feeling of having a plan.  I thrive making these plans.  I get out my little notebook; I make my little bullet points.  I solve all my problems with my goal plans. Here’s my problem with goals: I don’t generally keep them. Wah-wah 🙁… Read More

Power of Moms Giveaway Winner!

This post contains affiliate links. By Celeste Thanks to everyone who entered our Power of Moms Mind Organization for Moms Giveaway!  I’m happy to announce the winner is Becca Treanor!  Congrats Becca!  I’ll be emailing you to retrieve your e-course. For those of you just joining the party, I wrote a review of the Mind Organization for Moms e-course here.  It’s a wonderful resource for organizing your both your house and your mind. For those who didn’t win, consider buying yourself the gift of organization for the new year!  There’s no better time!  You can purchase the M.O.M. e-course here:… Read More

Supporting a Spouse Through Depression Part 2

What Everyone Should Know About How to Support a Spouse Through Depression

By Brad Tuft I introduced the Tufts and this topic in Part 1 here.  In Part 1, they explain their story and struggle with depression.  In Part 2 below, they offer some advice and life lessons from their experiences.  – Celeste So, as a loving husband or wife, what do you do if you feel like your spouse is being swallowed up by depression? What do you do if they weep for hours of the day, or when they lock you out of the room, or storm out of the house and don’t tell you where they have gone? What… Read More

Supporting a Spouse Through Depression Part 1

What Everyone Should Know About How to Support a Spouse Through Depression

By Brad Tuft A few weeks ago I received an email that totally made my day.  It was from my friends the Tufts offering to write a guest post about supporting a spouse through depression because they thought it was an important topic and that their story could help others struggling with the same thing.  I was filled with gratitude at this email because I’d been wanting to discuss this topic, but gosh what a tough one to ask someone to write.  Depression is SO prevalent and such an important topic for marriages, I knew it needed to be addressed. … Read More

Merry Christmas!  Love, the Davises

Hipster family Christmas Card

By Celeste What is the most impersonal way to send out a Christmas card? Email?  No, you at least need to select which people to send it to. Facebook?  No, it’s at least personalized to your Facebook friends. A blog?  Ding ding ding!!  Sending a Christmas card to the whole internet is the most impersonal way to do it. Merry Christmas internet! Add a Comment Share