Episode 6: Empathy and Friendship (“Stand by You” “You’re My Best Friend”) Show Notes

Guess what? Not all love songs have bad advice! (I know, shocking!) In effort to praise songs with good advice (and in an attempt to not be the world’s greatest kill joys), we present our first episode called “The Good Ones.” We separately selected songs they thought had great relationship advice and then present them on the show. I chose “Stand by You” by Rachel Platten (not to be confused with “I’ll Stand By You” . . . you’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head now) because I think it offers a great example of what empathy is… Read More

Growth Means Getting Comfortable with Discomfort. Here’s How.

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort. It's so necessary to tolerate anxiety for growth. Click through to read three ways to do that.

About five years ago, I set a goal that was so far out of my comfort zone, I had NO idea whether or not I could actually accomplish it: to run a half marathon. Guys, I am NOT athletic. I never have been. I discovered this early on in elementary school when we would play Sneaky Pete where you have a scarf tucked into the back of your pants and everyone runs around trying to grab each other’s scarves and the last man standing wins. I would try to get out early every single time because I just couldn’t run… Read More

Learn to Embrace Discomfort (a better marriage is waiting on the other side)

Embrace Discomfort. Click through to read why and how this is the key to a great relationship.

When I potty trained our oldest daughter, at first she was all for it. We had watched the potty princess video, we had read the “Once Upon a Potty” book. She understood potty training to be a next step to becoming a big girl (and noted how weirdly animated and excited mommy got about the whole issue) and was pretty stoked to start. via GIPHY She was all about it the first day. M&Ms just for performing a natural bodily function in a pot? Juice and crackers all day long?? Count me in! Then days two and three hit and… Read More

Episode 5: Weekly Marriage Check In (“Say Something”) Featuring Shelly and Jershon Lopez Show Notes

How do you bring up hard conversations with your spouse? How can you prevent huge blow ups over miscommunications? How can you nip your problems in the bud before they become big problems? Three words: Weekly Marriage Check-In (or is that four words???). Hold a safe and consistent time and place each week for both gratitude and hard conversations. This will help with SO many communication problems.  Rich and I are going to detail how we do this and how it has helped us in this week’s podcast. In this episode, we are giving some therapy to the song “Say… Read More

Everything You Need For An Awesome YouTube Date Night (including LOTS of hilarious video suggestions)

A few weeks ago I posted this post on our Instagram account: I have since been asked by a few of you for video recommendations. Friends, I am SO glad you asked! Rich and I have basically made a surprising full switch from watching Netflix shows at night to watching YouTube clips (I’ll list our favorite channels to follow at the end of this post). They are fast, they are fun and they are PLENTIFUL my friends. Or at least we were watching YouTube clips before our night time got eaten by the Podcast monster (it’s a nice monster, we… Read More