The Secret to Getting Your Spouse to Like You

The Secret to getting your spouse to like you

By Celeste Sometimes Rich and I do this thing where we stay up late at night and then we’re both complete grumps in the morning and take turns tending the kids while the other one sleeps, but somehow we always both feel like we got the short end of the stick.  Our sleep scores don’t add up.  And then sometimes when he comes home from work, even if we both had ok days separately, we’re still cranky pantses to each other.  We’ll either barely interact or just sort of disagree with the other one’s opinions for no reason. And then we step back… Read More

Weekly Marriage Tip:  The 15 Second Kiss

By Celeste I thought it might be fun to share a short little marriage tip every week that I find online or elsewhere. This week, it’s the 15 second kiss from the blog Fierce Marriage.  The challenge is pretty much what it sounds like. . . kiss your spouse for 15 seconds everyday for a week. Pretty simple right? The thing about kissing is, as it says in the article, “It’s nearly impossible to kiss for an extended period of time and not feel closer.” Long kissing- it’s good for marital bonding.  Read what Ryan and Selena learned from their… Read More

A Year of Creative Dates: Thinking Outside the Box

A Year of Creative Dates: Thinking Outside the Box

By Shelly Lopez If you have come seeking creative date ideas, you have come to the right place.  Shelly and Jershon are the most fun, creative couple I know.  It is a pure delight to hang out with them and participate in some of their creative genius.  I feel like most date nights Rich and I are “too tired” to think of something creative.  Good thing we have such great friends to remind us that creativity does take more energy but it is so worth it to have fun and awesome memories with your spouse. Also Shelly is all-knowing about… Read More

How To Feel When You Don’t Keep Your Goals

How to Motivate Yourself When You Don't Keep Your Goals

By Celeste What a great title to start out the new year, eh??  It’s January 8th, let’s just assume you’ve all failed in all of your New Year’s Resolutions by now.  If you’re still going strong, come back next week 😉 Just kidding. . . I actually really love goals.  I LOVE making goals.  I love the feeling of having a plan.  I thrive making these plans.  I get out my little notebook; I make my little bullet points.  I solve all my problems with my goal plans. Here’s my problem with goals: I don’t generally keep them. Wah-wah 🙁… Read More

Power of Moms Giveaway Winner!

This post contains affiliate links. By Celeste Thanks to everyone who entered our Power of Moms Mind Organization for Moms Giveaway!  I’m happy to announce the winner is Becca Treanor!  Congrats Becca!  I’ll be emailing you to retrieve your e-course. For those of you just joining the party, I wrote a review of the Mind Organization for Moms e-course here.  It’s a wonderful resource for organizing your both your house and your mind. For those who didn’t win, consider buying yourself the gift of organization for the new year!  There’s no better time!  You can purchase the M.O.M. e-course here:… Read More