Share The Love:  Julie and Nelson

By Julie It’s Valentine’s week!  I thought we’d celebrate with a few Share the Love posts!  Share the Love is a series we do where we ask three questions: 1. What is your love story?  2.  What is your favorite thing about your spouse? and 3. What is the best marriage advice you have to offer? This post is from Julie.  Julie is my sister-in-law (Rich’s sister), but also my friend.  She’s my sister-friend.  One of the things I most, most admire about Julie is how willing she is to show interest in her husband’s interests.  I was really glad… Read More

Sarcastic Weekly Marriage Tip

By Celeste Maybe don’t buy very valuable, lucrative collection items (like those beanie baby gold mines shown below) if you are ever considering getting a divorce.  The process of dividing them up in divorce court can be contentious and tedious.  Plus you’ll have to divide your fortune.  And those very valuable tags might get bent up.  Now how will you send your kids to college?!!  Heart breaking.  Via Howie Decker  Note:  This is a real picture from a couple dividing up their beanie baby booty in divorce court circa 1999 that popped up on Reddit this week. Add a Comment… Read More

Weekly Marriage Tip: Use Facebook Wisely

By Celeste If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s using Facebook.  🙂  Right Rich?  It’s my online time-waster of choice.  Rich and I have very different taste in online time-wasters and mutually feel the other’s choice is a waste of time.  🙂 So, when I came across this article 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Marriage from Nurturing Marriage, I gave it a page view.   The first of their points hit close to home. “Before you know it, you realize you’ve wasted your entire evening staring at a screen INSTEAD of at your gorgeous spouse.” Hate it when that… Read More

Stand By Your Man

By Mikal Kifer I first met Mikal four years ago in her own home.  The missionaries were teaching her and her husband about our church and I got invited to come along.  I was instantly struck with her humility, sincerity and the love she showed toward her husband, Shelby.  (Ok, honestly I was INITIALLY struck by how HIS name is Shelby and HER name is Mikal- so great!  So many confused telemarketers!) Years later and we’ve become good friends.  I still love watching her and Shelby interact- they’re funny, they’re honest and they’re just sweet together.  They make a GREAT… Read More

Four Ways That Praying Daily As A Couple Can Bridge Communication Gaps

By Shauna Maylin I’m so grateful Shauna agreed to write this post for me.  I’ve never actually met Shauna in real life, but a few months ago I came across this article, in which Shauna talks about being inspired by this talk to write a poem and record herself reading it on YouTube.  Her words really resonated with me.  I wanted to meet with her and tell her I was impressed by her words and her courage (I have SO much respect for people who put themselves out there online since starting this blog).  So, anyway, I reached out to… Read More