Stand By Your Man

By Mikal Kifer I first met Mikal four years ago in her own home.  The missionaries were teaching her and her husband about our church and I got invited to come along.  I was instantly struck with her humility, sincerity and the love she showed toward her husband, Shelby.  (Ok, honestly I was INITIALLY struck by how HIS name is Shelby and HER name is Mikal- so great!  So many confused telemarketers!) Years later and we’ve become good friends.  I still love watching her and Shelby interact- they’re funny, they’re honest and they’re just sweet together.  They make a GREAT… Read More

Four Ways That Praying Daily As A Couple Can Bridge Communication Gaps

By Shauna Maylin I’m so grateful Shauna agreed to write this post for me.  I’ve never actually met Shauna in real life, but a few months ago I came across this article, in which Shauna talks about being inspired by this talk to write a poem and record herself reading it on YouTube.  Her words really resonated with me.  I wanted to meet with her and tell her I was impressed by her words and her courage (I have SO much respect for people who put themselves out there online since starting this blog).  So, anyway, I reached out to… Read More

Faith Differences Do NOT Determine the Success of Your Marriage

By Breana Shelton This post is part four of the 4-part series Supporting Your Marriage When Your Spouse Changes or Loses Their Faith Breana’s situation is a little different from the rest of the posts in this series because she and her husband Jonathan began their marriage with different religious beliefs. When I first asked her to write a post on how they successfully deal with their faith differences- she said she wasn’t so sure they WERE dealing with them successfully.  That made me want her to write a post EVEN MORE because really, dealing with any major difference in… Read More

Deciding to Love:  Making It Through Your Spouse’s Faith Transition

Deciding to Love: Making it Through Your Spouse's Faith Transition

By Anonymous This post is part three of a 4-part series Supporting Your Marriage When Your Spouse Changes or Loses Their Faith My dear friend wants to write this post anonymously, so I won’t say much about her other than I love her and she is one of the smartest people I have ever met, so you should most definitely take her advice.  Also, she’s a fantastic writer.  And friend 🙂 Oh also, she so wisely included advice in this piece about what you can say and do when one of your friend’s spouses has gone through a faith transition-… Read More