Do It Yourself Marriage?

By Celeste Ever since I read this article from Winifred Riley  called 36 Things I Know After 36 Years of Marriage (which is fantastic by the way- give it a read), I keep thinking about #29.  It says, 29. Most good marriages have one person who plays the role of the relationship “guardian”: The person who brings up difficult subjects. The person who stays hopeful in hard times. The person who acts as a steadying influence when one or both of you are getting worked-up. In an ideal world, that role would be shared. In the real world it only… Read More

Five Ways Companionship Inventory Can Help While Dating

By Diana Rich here. Diana and I met when we both wrote for an online website, the BYU 100 Hour Board. So it shouldn’t be shocking that, yeah, Diana is an excellent writer and I really liked everything she had to say. Diana actually got in touch with us as part of a class assignment. What was really great is that she was willing to write a post talking about her experience using the idea of Companionship Inventory in her dating relationship. Obviously every relationship in marriage, in dating, in everything, is improved by good communication. But Diana and Tygan… Read More

Nine Questions I’ve Been Asked By Non-Mormons About Mormonism

By Celeste I wrote this post on our former family blog, which is now private because  . . . internet.  But I wanted to post it here as well because, I talk a lot about my religion here and I don’t mean to exclude anybody when I do that.  I want everyone to feel nice and comfortable and included on this blog, so I thought maybe people would be curious to hear some common questions I’ve been asked by my non-mormon friends and how I answer them.  If you have any questions I don’t address here, please shoot me an… Read More

How to Make Valentine’s Day Romantic When You’ve Procrastinated Planning Valentine’s Day

3 Quick Ways to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day. Turn your house into a romantic fortress to watch your Valentine's chick flick in :)

By Celeste If you’re anything like me, your week went something like this: Monday:  Grocery shopping- am I forgetting something this week? Tuesday: Oh look Valentine’s Day is this week.  It’s so far away, I’m sure I’ll think of something to do for it. Wednesday:  Wasn’t there something I was supposed to be planning? Thursday:  Oh shoot, Valentine’s Day is in two days!  Ok, I’ll get on this first thing tomorrow. Friday:  Dangit!  It’s tomorrow.  Let’s google this thing.  Pinterest!  Why are all of your ideas so crafty?!?! Saturday:  Right, ok, it’s today.  What’s something I can do/make that looks… Read More

Share the Love:  Sarah and Bryan

By Sarah We’ve got another Share the Love post for you today from my friend Sarah! Sarah was on the BYU Ballroom Dance Company with me.  Well, with Rich too.  I have very fond memories cavorting about the Richard’s building with her getting into all sorts of mischief 🙂 I thought it was hilarious that Rich plays into her and Bryan’s love story.  I told him he makes an appearance in their story and he was like “whaaa?”  Exact quote.  Anyway, don’t Sarah and Bryan make a GORGEOUS couple?  Those lucky kids and their good looking genes!   – Celeste 1.… Read More