Episode 5: Weekly Marriage Check In (“Say Something”) Featuring Shelly and Jershon Lopez Show Notes

How do you bring up hard conversations with your spouse? How can you prevent huge blow ups over miscommunications? How can you nip your problems in the bud before they become big problems? Three words: Weekly Marriage Check-In (or is that four words???). Hold a safe and consistent time and place each week for both gratitude and hard conversations. This will help with SO many communication problems.  Rich and I are going to detail how we do this and how it has helped us in this week’s podcast. In this episode, we are giving some therapy to the song “Say… Read More

Everything You Need For An Awesome YouTube Date Night (including LOTS of hilarious video suggestions)

A few weeks ago I posted this post on our Instagram account: I have since been asked by a few of you for video recommendations. Friends, I am SO glad you asked! Rich and I have basically made a surprising full switch from watching Netflix shows at night to watching YouTube clips (I’ll list our favorite channels to follow at the end of this post). They are fast, they are fun and they are PLENTIFUL my friends. Or at least we were watching YouTube clips before our night time got eaten by the Podcast monster (it’s a nice monster, we… Read More

Episode 4: Bad Days (“Bad Day”) Show Notes

Partner's Bad Day. What to do when your partner is having a bad day? Listen to this podcast to find out!

What to do when your partner is having a bad day? Take it personally? Take responsibility for it? Cry in the fetal position until they are happy again? In today’s episode, we are talking about the do’s and don’ts of how to react to our partners’ bad days. (spoiler- taking it personally, taking responsibility for it and crying in the fetal position are all on the DON’T list 🙂 ) We are therapizing one hit wonder Daniel Powter’s one hit song, Bad Day and of course Rich sings a delightful and more emotionally healthy karaoke version of the song at… Read More

Episode 3: Conflict Resolution (Love is a Battlefield) with Nate Bagley Show Notes

Sometimes, when we are emotionally charged about something and we want to call our spouse’s attention to it, we resort to using anger as that attention-grabber. As a way of saying, “Hey! Listen up! This is important to me!” We use anger as our sword going into battle. Sadly, however, anger often has the exact opposite effect we are going for. When our partner senses anger directed toward them, they will either shut down and disengage or put their defenses up. They will become emotionally flooded and have a difficult time even processing what you are saying. When we come… Read More

What Do You Want to Believe About Your Spouse? (Yes, You Get to Choose)

What do you want to believe about your partner? You get to choose whether to believe in the best or the worst in them. Click through to read how to see the best.

There is a person in my life with some psychological issues. I mean, we all have psychological issues, but for this person, her issues often render her incapacitated, unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. I have spent a good deal of time trying to siphon out what of this behavior is her illness and what is just her personality. If her incapacities are just her personality- that makes me much less enthusiastic about helping her. I feel taken advantage of. I feel like she should do more for herself and rely less on others. But then when I… Read More