Episode 13: Listening to Concerns (“Baby It’s Cold Outside”)

Baby Its Cold Outside Remake

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” wins for the song we’ve had the most requests to give therapy to. We hear your requests and the time has come! “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is in the hot seat this week because golly, its got some relationship issues! It was really hard to nail down what direction we wanted to take the topic this week, but in order to be the most applicable for our readers, we landed on listening to our partner’s concerns even when we don’t share them! Sometimes we think our partner’s concerns are silly, what do we do? Sometimes we… Read More

Episode 12: Professional Partnership (“Shut up and Dance”) Featuring Allie and Kyle Spinder

work with your spouse podcast

Once upon a time, a much younger Rich and Celeste met on a ballroom dance company, fell in love, married and naturally decided it would be a really good idea to become competitive ballroom dance partners. Friends and family warned against this since historically, it is known to be extremely difficult to be competitive partners with your spouse (ya know, without ripping each other’s heads off every practice). But, pssssshhhh, clearly these people underestimated the extent of our love, selflessness and easy-going natures . . . Nope. They were right. We lasted ONE competition, and this period was one of… Read More

Episode 11: Faithfulness and Priorities (“Faithfully” and “85”): The Good Ones Part 2

priorities podcast

We’re taking a break from being the world’s biggest killjoys today (by our usual poo-poo-ing on everyone’s favorite love songs) to applaud love songs instead! Specifically two love songs. Rich is talking all about faithfulness by lauding the song “Faithfully” by Journey (ahhh, what a nice song!) Typically we think of faithfulness only in terms of “have you cheated on our spouse or not?” But we are extending that definition today. What does it mean to be faithful, devoted and in awe of the person you married? And not just the person you married, but the person you are married… Read More

Talk to me

Alright guys, it’s about time for my annual sex post on this blog. I’m a marriage blogger. It happens. Here’s the thing this time though, ever since I posted about how I went from never caring about or really wanting sex, to loving sex last year, I’ve been getting A LOT of questions about sex. Via my blog email yes, but also in my personal life. Sometimes from close friends. Sometimes from people I hardly know. Just this month I had two different women from my church congregation come talk to me about sex who I’ve never before had conversations… Read More

Episode 10: Problems with In-Laws (“Rude”)

problems with in laws podcast

Do you have an over-bearing mother-in-law? A demanding father-in-law? What do you do? Grin and bear it? Confront them? Make your spouse confront them? Nothing, just complain to anyone and everyone not in your family about your in-laws? Thankfully, I do not, but this is a problem many, many couples face. In fact, problems with in-laws is cited in the top five most common thing couples fight about! (along with money, sex, work and kids) Top five! In today’s episode, we are using some helpful tips from Dr. John Gottman (and our readers!) to talk about how to gracefully deal… Read More