The Best Way to Get Your Marriage Out of a Rut

Marriage in a rut? Here's the best trick I've found to get out of it. Click through to read more.

When our marriage is in a rut, we’re often blind to any part we may play in said rut. I propose dedicating one week to the task of making your spouse happy. When I first started the blog, I thought, “Ok, I have two good pieces of marriage advice- that’s it . . . This could be a problem.” The first was companionship inventory- or the weekly marriage check in, which became my first real post. And the second, something I call happy week, I haven’t even written about yet! Three years I’ve been sitting on this! That ends today.… Read More

Service Love Language Challenge!

service love language

Introducing our love experiment for the month- asking your spouse what you can do for them every week and doing every favor asked of you. Alright, it is November and that means its time to introduce our Marriage Laboratory Experiment of the Month (MLEM if you like- you can remember it because it sounds like phlem)! This year all our experiments are based on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages book and November will be all about . .. . . . SERVICE! Guys, this is our last love language experiment!  Our fifth one. Can you believe it? I think this… Read More

YOUR Sex Questions Answered (by a sex therapist) Part II

How to have conversations about sex | your questions answered by a sex therapist

In preparation for this post, I asked you what you, my readers, are struggling with regarding sex, and passed those struggles along to Aimee Heffernan. Read Part I of her answers here. Aimee, who is a licensed couples therapist and sex therapist who lives and works in Washington, was kind enough to answer a number of your questions last year (Part One and Part Two). In preparation for our interview, I sent her a list of your concerns to review. Right away we noticed some themes and will be talking about those themes instead of answering question by question. How… Read More

6 Resources for Spicing Up Your Marriage in the Bedroom

Spicing up your marriage in the bedroom. If we want to improve, new information is crucial- check these resources out.

If we want to spice up our marriage in the bedroom, gaining new information is crucial! Whether its changing damaging mindsets that are holding you back or just getting some new tools and ideas to change things up- knowledge is power! These are all resources that have helped us. In a recent post, I mentioned four sex books I’ve read and recommended. I’ve gotten a lot of emails and questions about these, so I thought I’d offer more information on those as well as including a few more resources we’ve found helpful. 31 Days to Great Sex Are you sick… Read More

What Would Happen if You Had Sex Every Other Day For a Month? (PHYSICAL TOUCH Love Experiment Re-cap)

What would hapen if you had sex every ohter day with your partner? Amazing things! Click through to read all about it.

What happens when you have sex with your spouse every other day for a month?  Good things. Good things happen. This post contains affiliate links. We just wrapped up our love experiment for the month- having sex every other day. This challenge is based on Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, specifically the physical touch love language. Time for a re-cap! Of all the love experiments we’ve done so far this year (connecting for 10 minutes everyday for quality time, sending a loving text/note everyday for words of affirmation and giving a gift every week for gifts), this one… Read More