Weekly Marriage Tip:  Devote Yourself to Your Spouse’s Success

Sometimes this blog serves as more a journal for me when I come across ideas for marriage improvement that I want to remember.

I came across an idea I want to remember.

Last night I was reading an article about the LDS prophet Ezra Taft Benson and his wife Flora.

Some people gave her flack for marrying “just a farm boy” when she was so wealthy and accomplished and popular.  But she loved Ezra.  And more than that, she believed in him.  She said,

“I am going to do all within my power to help him be known and felt for good, not only in this little community but for the entire world to know him.’”


Throughout the article, you could tell Flora was completely dedicated to Ezra’s success.  Later in life Ezra said, “She has always shown more faith in me than I have myself.”

And I wondered, What if we dedicated ourselves to our spouse’s success?  What would happen?

This ideology is the opposite of most of the motivational messages of our day.  We are constantly told, “You can be whatever you want to be.”  “You can do whatever you set your mind to.”  “You have to find and do whatever is going to make you happy.”  “If you dream big and work hard, you can accomplish anything.”

These are motivational messages and I like them all.  But how many of them involve anybody else besides yourself?  I wonder sometimes if we are all so focused on attaining OUR success that we neglect to help other people feel successful.

What if we shifted just a little of the focus we dedicate to our success and put it towards our spouse’s success?  What if we dedicated ourselves to help them feel successful in whatever areas are important to them?  Career success, yes, but also success as a parent, success with their hobbies, projects, at church, socially, emotionally.

Let’s dedicate ourselves to our spouse’s success.  Let’s help them be “known and felt for good.”

One thought on “Weekly Marriage Tip:  Devote Yourself to Your Spouse’s Success

  1. I agree that just about everyone would do well to take focus off themselves more often than we typically do in order to support, and encourage and promote others. Particularly spouses!

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