Want Your Life to Be More Magical?

Have you ever had those moments in life that feel so transcendent that you can only describe them as other-worldly? As magical?⠀

When I write something that I know didn’t come from me. When my baby looks at me and I allow myself to be swept up in the magic of an infant. When someone tells me that something I said changed their life for the better. Watching one of my kids gain the confidence that comes from mastering a new skill. Those family moments where everyone is laughing or playing together and time seems to go on slow motion like in a movie.⠀


And I’ll add to the list something not oft discussed but every bit as magical as the magic moments listed above . . . moments in the bedroom with my husband.⠀

Pure magic.⠀

Sadly, so many of us have so much baggage around sex in our marriages that it loses all its magic. It becomes boring, hard, an obligation, awkward, vulnerable, a bargaining chip, a source of resentment, a source of insecurity.

This really bums me out.

Because I used to be there. Sex used to be a boring obligation and occasionally a source of resentment for me too.

Taking the time (and money) to learn how to really love sex has been the best use of my time and resources in recent years. It has brought so much magic to my life.

And that magic has spread further than just the bedroom. It has affected how I view myself, my body, my relationship to my husband and to God, my parenting, and my joy.

I share more about my journey from sex being something I “should” do for the sake of my marriage, to a beautiful, transcendent gift FOR ME in my “Learn to Love Sex” course, which you can read more about here.

So, HOW do we move from sex with baggage to sex as magic?

I have lots of ideas, but basically, our first step will be to remove all the barriers that keep it from being magical:

    • negative thoughts of sex as dirty, gross, only for men.
    • negative thoughts about ourselves as abnormal and undesirable.
    • negative thoughts about our partners and our relationship.
    • stress and too much to do.⠀

Then we need to learn the tools to make it more magical:

  • PRESENCE and ability to focus in the moment.
  • Seeing sex as a gift rather than an obligation.
  • Willingness to be vulnerable.
  • Confidence.

To name a few. I go much deeper into all of these in my course.

I’ve priced the course at $70, but if you finish it (which isn’t hard), you get half your money back. So really the course is $35. Pretty cheap as far as magic is concerned 🙂

Nothing would make me happier than helping you add in the magic and transform your sex life from an obligation to a gift.

Learn more here.

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