Three FREE Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Day Movie As Romantic As Possible

Three easy and free ideas to create the perfect romantic fortress to watch your Valentine’s Day chick flick in.

I wrote this post last year ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  Like I posted it I think at 5pm on the actual day, so it probably helped no one.  This year you’ve still got all the time in the world (4 days), so get to planning!   – Celeste

3 Quick Ways to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day. Turn your house into a romantic fortress to watch your Valentine's chick flick in :)

If you’re anything like me, your week went something like this:

Monday:  Grocery shopping- am I forgetting something this week?
Tuesday: Oh look Valentine’s Day is this week.  It’s so far away, I’m sure I’ll think of something to do for it.
Wednesday:  Wasn’t there something I was supposed to be planning?
Thursday:  Oh shoot, Valentine’s Day is in two days!  Ok, I’ll get on this first thing tomorrow.
Friday:  Dangit!  It’s tomorrow.  Let’s google this thing.  Pinterest!  Why are all of your ideas so crafty?!?!
Saturday:  Right, ok, it’s today.  What’s something I can do/make that looks like it took a lot of effort and planning, but be accomplished really fast?

So let’s see, I haven’t made reservations at some awesome restaurant, I haven’t written him 30 amazing love letters and hidden them around the house (yet), I haven’t filled lots of balloons with awesome memories of us, what’s the lazy/procrastinating couple to do on V-day?

Watch a movie of course!  In fact, you should watch a movie whether you are the procrastinating type or not because hello, it’s the one day a year when your husband HAS to watch a chick flick with you.  He has to!  It’s the Valentine’s Day law.

But watching a movie, that’s nothing new, you need to make it a little more romantic.

Here are three ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day movie:

1.  Twinkle Fort!!!

Ok, I know this one SEEMS like it is going to take a lot of effort, but really it won’t.  Plus, it’s romantic as all get out.  I dare you to watch a movie under a twinkle fort with your spouse and not feel romantic.  Can’t be done.  Even in a mediocre to poorly constructed twinkle fort- something about those lights . . .

Here’s what you’ll need to do to create this twinkling fortress of love:

    • Go to your Christmas decorations and retrieve stringed lights- any kind will do.
    • Get some duct tape, tacks and some scissors unless you work out and can rip the duct tape with your own hands like some kind of animal.
    • Go to your bed.  Start duct taping and tacking the stringed lights up in a zig zag pattern a few feet above your bed.  High enough that you can sit up in the fort, not high enough that your arms will be sore tomorrow.
    • Get a big sheet (maybe two, depending on the length of your bed and strength of your duct taping/tacking job) and drape it across the top.
    • Ta-da!  You’ve constructed a Nicholas Sparks-worthy masterpiece that should look something like this


Note: This was last year when I was pregnant. I am not pregnant now. It is important to me that you know this.
Unless you are far better at constructing twinkle forts (and taking pictures) than I, in which case it will look something like this:
Via Self
*Note, I’ve constructed a twinkle fort twice now since my kids have been old enough to remember it and they LOVE it.  They read books under that thing for hours.  They cried for a good while when I took it down. So, parenting win and spousing win.  Twinkle forts turns everyone into a winner.


2.  Bath Tub Movie

Our bath tub is nothing to write home about.  It’s small and it should probably be scrubbed far more often than it is.  (sidenote: my friend Shelly was once telling me a story that began, “whenever I am scrubbing the bathtub, my kid always __” and I secretly thought WHENEVER you scrub the bathtub?!  You scrub the bathtub so often your kids have formed habits around it??  My poor kids have no bathtub scrubbing rituals)  BUT scrubbed or not- your bathtub can still transform into an ideal romantic movie viewing station with the following steps:

  1. At least consider scrubbing the tub.
  2. Add LOTS of bubble bath
  3. Candles!!  So important.  So romantic.
  4. Champagne or sparkling cider.

Even if your tub is too small for you to comfortably enjoy an entire movie, at least start out there, it will set the mood perfectly.

I don’t have a picture of my own tub (that might kill the romantic vibe we’ve got going on, what with it’s non-scrubbyness), but if you have a nice bathroom and a nice camera, yours could look something like this:

3.  Turn your bedroom into a honey moon suiteThis idea is basically a combo of #1 and #2.  No, it’s not a water bed, although, in the 90s those were pretty darn romantic.  But basically, take the romantic items needed for #2 and put them in your bedroom.  Pretend you are transforming your room into a honey moon suite at a hotel- what would you need??  Rose petals, candles, nice music, champagne/sparkling cider, maybe some balloons.  This set up isn’t actually hard to construct, but it shows some forethought and will make your chick flick SO much chick flickier.  Which is a good thing.  On Valentine’s Day.

I realize I am posting this ON Valentine’s Day, but I’m guessing you, the procrastinating reader would appreciate me, the procrastinating writer, writing in true procrastinating fashion.  We make a good team you and I .  But again, just because we procrastinate shouldn’t stop us from creating a wonderful night with our spouse.  So, go confine your spouse to another room and construct the romantic fortress of your choice.

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