Secrets to a Happy Marriage: Terry and Doug Mahlum

Secrets to a Happy Marriage From Couples Married 25+ Years

The third post in our series Secrets of a Happy Marriage From Couples Married 25+ Years in which I interview Doug and Terry Mahlum. This Interview is Part Three of a 4-Part Series:  Secrets of a Happy Marriage  The time has come. I knew my parents would have to be featured on this blog eventually.  Here they are!  My parents have a great marriage, which is extra impressive because they are two very different people.  My mom’s idea of a great day would be filled with learning, exercising, plenty of social activities, volunteering, dancing and checking things off her to-do list. … Read More

My Best Marriage Advice After 10 Years of Marriage

My best marriage advice after 10 years of marriage.You can't provide solutions to all your spouse's problems, nor can you expect them to solve yours. But you can be each others soft place to land.

My best marriage advice:  you cannot solve most of your spouse’s problems, nor should you expect them to solve yours, but you CAN be a soft place for them to land. By Rachel Neilson I’ve already sung Rachel’s abundant and well-deserved praises when she guest posted for our infertility series here.  So I won’t embarrass her further.  But I will say that I can’t stop thinking about this advice!  “Be a cushion against the writhing for your spouse.”  It’s beautiful and totally within our power.    -Celeste When Ryan and I were in Mexico celebrating our 10th anniversary, we started chatting… Read More

Improving Your Marriage With Weekly Companionship Inventory

Here are some questions you and your spouse should be asking each other each week.

Here is how to hold a weekly marriage inventory with your spouse each week.   Ok, are you guys ready for this?  I’m about to hit you with the very best marital advice we have.  The big guns.  Just wanted to make sure you’re ready and aware- this is the best we’ve got to offer.  All downhill from here…. Here goes.  Have companionship inventory every week.  Allow me to explain: Just prior to when Rich and I started dating I was serving a mission for the LDS church in Slovenia.  You’re familiar with LDS missionaries I assume?  You know- go… Read More