Prompt Three: 14 Days of Remembering to Love

Prompt 3 of our 14 day series is to write about a favorite date you’ve had with your spouse.

14 Days of Remembering to Love

Prompt 3:  Reminisce about a favorite date you’ve had with your spouse.

I’m going to do two since it’s too hard to choose.  The first I’ll describe a group date and then one with just us.

For Rich’s birthday a few years back, we did an Iron Chef America party.  It counts as a date because we got babysitters.  We did girls vs. boys in two different kitchens – ours and our next door neighbors.  It was a blast.  Here’s a little video we made:

Rich’s Birthday: Iron Chef (2012) from Celeste Davis on Vimeo.


These days we tend to do our courting at home because we have three kids and no money.  This situation lends itself to at-home dates.

Two weeks ago we had a wrestling match.  Rich wrestled in high school so he was showing me the ropes because my wrestling knowledge begins and ends with their unitard and earmuff outfits.

love prompt 3:  perfect date

Source:  The Open Mat

Annyway, we quickly discovered our wrestling abilities weren’t exactly on par, so to level the playing field, we tied Rich’s hands behind his back.  He still somehow overpowered me every time (I know it surprised me too, I mean with all the working out I do . . . ), but we were laughing so hard the whole time it didn’t much matter.  Plus I was way sore the next day, so all in all one of our better dates. 🙂

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