Prompt Seven: 14 Days of Remembering to Love

Prompt Seven of our 14 Days of Love series is to think of a time when your spouse was there for you.

14 Days of Remembering to Love Challenge

Prompt 7:  Name a time when your spouse was there for you when you really, really needed it.

About a month ago we had just gotten back from a trip to Utah for Christmas break.  We got back late, late Monday night and Tuesday morning the whole weekly hullabaloo started with my oldest needing to get to school. I desperately needed to go grocery shopping and unpack and clean.

This isn’t a super crazy scenario, but something happens to my brain after vacation.  Like I forget how to parent.

The parenting part of my brain ups and takes its own vacay and it takes a while to convince it to come back again.  My brain was running extra slow that Tuesday and coupled with my meager four hours of sleep the night before, things were not boding well for a successful day at the Davis household.

BrainVacation1Source:  Lori Twining

I really needed to go grocery shopping, but my three year old just wouldn’t get dressed.  I thought, fine go in your pajamas, but she wouldn’t get her shoes and coat on either.  Wouldn’t do it.  I sat there staring at her thinking, “How do I get you to do things?”  I don’t remember.

Now this scenario or one like it is one I face daily and I’m not usually so much of a parenting lightweight, but my day had been filled with one too many of these scenarios this particular day.  So instead of going out in search of the MIA parenting sector, my brain up and decides to take me straight to crazy town.

I remember a goodly amount of crying from both my three year old and my one year old and then from me.  I called Rich crying.  He probably thought someone had died.  I just said I was having a hard day and he didn’t even wait for an explanation.  He said, “I’m coming home.”

It was so nice of him on his first day back at work!  Love and gratitude just flooded my body.  But I was nervous he would be a little peeved at me when he came home and discovered no one was injured or dying.  There was no blood or carnage to be found, just me incapable of getting our daughter dressed (ha!).

But he wasn’t peeved at all.  He didn’t even ask me any questions.  He just came home and said, “I got it.  You can go to the store.”

He gets me.

Gosh, I love that man.


Ok YOUR turn!  When was a time your spouse was there for you?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank.  So even if you don’t comment- think about it!

14 Days of Remembering to Love Challenge

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