Prompt One: 14 Days of Remembering to Love

Prompt One of our 14 day series is to write about a kind deed your spouse did for you.

Hello and welcome to our first prompt of our 14 Days of Remembering to Love series!


Prompt 1:  Describe a past good deed from your spouse that really meant a lot.

The first thing to come to mind for me was a time when Rich and I were married for a little less than a year.  I’ve mentioned before how I demonstrate the housekeeping habits of a teenage boy.  Well, never was this more true than when we were first married and for the first time I discovered that the non-cleanliness of my past apartments had a lot more to do with me and a lot less to do with my roommates than I had ever before suspected (sorry about that guys).

The fact that we didn’t have a dishwasher didn’t help matters one bit.

It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence to have our dishes tragically ignored; transforming our kitchen into a neglected dirty dish swamp.

Love letter prompt husband doing dishes

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On one particular occasion, we had used up all our dishes .  And I’m not using the term “all” casually here.  I literally mean every single dish, pot and even knife we owned was dirty (our knives played second string to our forks once they were all dirtied).  I was feeling busy and overwhelmed with school and work and our kitchen was just the thing to put me over the top one Thursday night.

During this time, Rich was in a one year intense training program to be a medical technician.  They were blasted with information all week and then had really difficult tests every Friday.

So, it being Thursday night, I knew it would be selfish of me to ask Rich to do the dishes since my schedule was more open than his at the time.

So I didn’t ask.  I didn’t even hint.  We were both up late that night studying, so I fully expected to clear the soiled wasteland the next day myself.

Imagine my surprise, my delight, my euphoric glee when I awoke the next morning to a sparkling clean kitchen!  No dirty pot, spoon or bowl in sight.

At this point, this probably doesn’t sound that miraculous.  So your husband did the dishes, big deal!  What you don’t know is that he had to be on campus that day at 6:00am.  So after studying until about midnight, he woke up at 4:00am  (4:00am!!) just to surprise me by doing the dishes (the nature of the task was such that it required more than an hour to complete the job).

It was unbelievably selfless of him and I’ve never forgotten it.


Ok, so there’s mine, now it’s your turn! What is a kind deed your spouse has done for you in the past that meant a lot to you?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank.  So even if you don’t comment- think about it!


4 thoughts on “Prompt One: 14 Days of Remembering to Love

  1. So sweet… well my husband does cook and clean and on Saturday mornings to begin our weekend he usually will do some of the “heavier” cleaning like mopping the floors and vacuuming while I clean the kitchen and bathrooms! And he does about 80% of the grocery shopping – as much as I LOVE (unfortunately) to eat…. 🙂 🙂 I hate to go grocery shopping!

  2. My wonderful husband has been very willing to support me in running 3-5 morning a week for the past, almost year. I try to do it at time that is early enough to mostly not affect the family, without being too early. Each morning, I get home about 5-15 minutes after the kids start getting up to get ready for school. The 3 girls are pretty good about getting up and getting going on getting dressed and cleaning up their rooms and getting downstairs to start packing their lunches and getting breakfast. Not that they don’t need reminders here and there and not that they’d be as good at it if they didn’t know Dad was already downstairs working on breakfast. The sweet, little, crazy 1 year old boy does none of this on his own (imagine that). Every day when I return home, the sweet, little, crazy 1 year old has had his diaper changed and is sitting in his high chair, either drinking some of the spinach protein smoothie that my husband makes for the family, or is patiently (okay, maybe not usually very patiently) waiting for it and for some other breakfast to go along with it. Saturdays, when I go on longer runs, he is up with the kids usually for at least an hour, before I return home. He doesn’t complain about this and seems happy to support me in getting in some good old-fashioned outdoor exercise at a time of day when other things don’t prevent it from happening. Take today, for instance, which is a day off running. I was planning to head downstairs to exercise after taking the 3 girls to school. The little guy was kind of grumpy and not seeming to be feeling all that great. I realized that he really didn’t feel well, when I picked him up and snuggle him and sang him a song and he almost fell asleep in my arms (not normal, especially before 10 am). Since then I have been sitting and holding him with him either sleeping on my lap or just snuggling me for the past 2 1/2 hours. (Yep, my butt is a little sore!) Things like this happen and make exercising during the day something that is hard to be very consistent at. It makes me appreciate even more, all the days that my husband is doing the little things that help get the family up and going for the day, while I finish up the last bit of my run.
    Thankfully, this is a good deed that has gone on for a while and continues still! I am very thankful for his service to me and to our children and family!

    1. Aw this is so sweet Trina! Thanks so much for taking the time to share! Also, I’m so impressed your girls make their own lunches for school 🙂 How did you get them to do that?

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