Physical Touch Love Language Challenge!

Introducing our love experiment for the month- having sex every other day for a month!

Alright, it is September and that means its time to introduce our Marriage Laboratory Experiment of the Month (MLEM if you like- you can remember it because it sounds like phlem)!

This year all our experiments are based on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages book and September will be all about . .. . . .


Physical Touch Love Language Challenge
We’re so stoked for this challenge.

I always get a little antsy to dive deep into sex and intimacy on this blog because . . . awkward (Hi mom and dad!)

But I’m putting aside my personal inhibitions to discuss sex this month because it’s important!

You’re welcome. (also if we’re related, I’ll see you next month).

Ok, before I explain the experiment, I need to ask you guys some questions. I want to make this month’s posts as helpful to you as possible, so I’m planning on doing something similar to what I did the last time I dedicated a month to sex posts:

  • A post where you (the audience) answer a common sex problem (last time it was- how to decide how often to have sex– and you guys were so helpful!).
  • A post or two answering your specific struggles and questions about sex as I did in when I interviewed a sex therapist and had her answer your questions here and here.

So, first things first- the question I would like YOU guys to tackle this month is this: please explain any major “wins” you’ve had with your partner regarding your sex life. What I’m looking for here is if your sex life went from “meh” to “awesome” – what made the difference? What changes have you made that have been great for both of you?  Please describe your experiences below (these answers are totally anonymous):
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Secondly, I would really appreciate it if you could share your biggest struggle in your sex life right now:
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Thanks guys!  I really appreciate your help!!

Alright, back to talking about the experiment.  Here’s the experiment explained scientific method style:


  • We are busy and tired and sex takes energy, so it is often neglected.
  • We fail to plan, and thus plan to fail.
  • Our connection is slipping and affecting other aspects of our friendship and relationship.


  • Give your sex life a boost by having sex every other day for a month!


  • You and your spouse.
  • Dedication and love.


  • We will feel much closer and more connected to our spouse as we improve intimacy.
  • The quality (not just quantity) of our sex lives will improve as we give it our attention.

Raise your hand if you are in!!

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Happy experimenting!

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