Note Seven: 14 Romantic Love Notes

Note Seven of our 14 day series of love notes is to reminisce about some of the best stay-at-home dates you’ve had.

Hello and welcome to our seventh prompt of our 14 Days of Romantic Love Notes series! I’ll be following the 14 love letter prompts (listed in their entirety at the bottom of this post) one prompt per day. Be sure to snag the free printable at the end of the post if you want to follow along!

14 Romantic Love Note Prompts. Click through for free printable

Note 7: Reminisce about some of the best stay-at-home dates you’ve had.

Between a lack of funds and a lack of energy, Rich and I like stay-at-home dates. (and if you are needing some ideas of stay-at-home dates you can do FROM YOUR COUCH clicky click here).

Here are a few recent favorites of mine:

This summer we were watching one of our favorite youtube channels- Binging with Babish and he was making smash burgers. Rich and I were both drooling over how good they looked and then realized that as fate would have it, we had all the ingredients to make our own! Minus the bun, but we had hot dog buns which I’m pretty sure are the same ingredients as a hamburger bun.

Even though it was 11:30pm at the time, we decided to make our own smash burgers.
We did and we enjoyed them thoroughly.

Note Seven 14 Days of Love Notes. Click through for a free printable.


I love puzzle date nights with Rich. This New Year’s Eve we stayed in and worked on a puzzle together (yes our party animal social lives have now stooped to the puzzles-on-New-Year’s-Eve level . . .) But I think there is something so simplistically fun about working side-by-side with Rich on something like a puzzle and just chatting. Simple but satisfying.

And don’t worry. Rich and I definitely have friends.


Rich and I participate in these fitness challenges from time to time where you have to exercise for 30 minutes everyday and do other things healthy people do. During one such challenge, the time got to be around 9:30pm and neither of us had exercised, so we did what any couple in need of exercise at 9:30pm would do…….. ZUMBA PARTY!

I have the best husband. This was really fun. And Rich is totally better at Zumba than me.

So there you go.

Ok your turn! What is something you are proud of your partner for overcoming?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank. So even if you don’t write it out- think about it!

And if you want a designated space to write it out, fill out this form with “Romantic Love Notes” in the comment section and I’ll send a free PDF printable your way with all 14 prompts and space to respond on it 🙂

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Here’s what the PDF looks like (first page):

Romantic Love Notes free printableAnd here are the rest of the prompts:

Romantic Love Notes: Click through for FREE PDF!See you tomorrow!

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