Note One: 14 Romantic Love Notes

Note One of our 14 day series of love notes is to describe a meaningful gift you’ve received from your partner.

Hello and welcome to our first prompt of our 14 Days of Romantic Love Notes series!   I’ll be following the 14 love letter prompts (listed in their entirety at the bottom of this post.) Sign up for our email list if you want to join the challenge! (there is a sign up in the footer)

14 Romantic Love Note Prompts. Click through for free printable

Note 1: Describe a meaningful gift you’ve received from your partner.

Well gosh. Rich is such an excellent gift giver, I’ve received so many truly thoughtful and amazing gifts from him in the past 10 years. I describe many of those here.

But I think he may have just topped himself this past Christmas.

He got me exactly what I want most right now at this stage of my life: more time. 🙂

He gifted me a deal that he would watch the kids for one Saturday a month so that I could work on my projects.



If you are a stay-at-home mom of young kids, you can appreciate how meaningful this gift is to me. It is maybe my favorite present from him ever. Love him and his perceptive self.

14 Romantic Love Notes: Click through for free printable
The closest Christmas picture we have of us. Us four days after Christmas.

So there you go.

Ok your turn! What has been a meaningful gift from your partner?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank. So even if you don’t write it out- think about it!

And if you want a designated space to write it out, fill out this form with “Romantic Love Notes” in the comment section and I’ll send a free PDF printable your way with all 14 prompts and space to respond on it  🙂

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Here’s what the PDF looks like (first page):

Romantic Love Notes free printableAnd here are the rest of the prompts:

Romantic Love Notes: Click through for FREE PDF!See you tomorrow!

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