Note Eight: 14 Romantic Love Notes

Note eight our 14 day series of love notes is to say what activity makes you feel closest to your partner.

Hello and welcome to our eighth prompt of our 14 Days of Romantic Love Notes series! I’ll be following the 14 love letter prompts (listed in their entirety at the bottom of this post) one prompt per day. Be sure to snag the free printable at the end of the post if you want to follow along!

14 Romantic Love Note Prompts. Click through for free printable

Note : What activity makes you feel closest to your partner?

I had trouble thinking of one singular activity that makes me feel closest to Rich, but as I wrote out times when I felt closest to him, I started to notice a theme.

Times I feel closest to Rich:

  • During our weekly check ins when we sit and talk about important things.
  • Laughing together.
  • Intimacy
  • When we sit and chat either about our days, something funny, something serious, our feelings, struggles, successes, anything really when we have each other’s complete attention.
  • Getting together with friends and having fun.
  • Working on something creative together.

The theme was quality time, which DUH is my love language, so that shouldn’t have come as any surprise (if you need some guidelines of how to love a quality-time-love-languager check this out).

Truly I feel closest to Rich when we sit and chat and listen to each other without any other distractions.

Predictably Sunday nights I always feel very close to Rich- this is when we sit and have our weekly check in.

Note 7: 14 Romantic Love Notes. Click through for free printable.Love talking to this guy. It’s my favorite.


So there you go.

Ok your turn! What is a life lesson you’ve learned from being with your partner?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank. So even if you don’t write it out- think about it!

And if you want a designated space to write it out, fill out this form with “Romantic Love Notes” in the comment section and I’ll send a free PDF printable your way with all 14 prompts and space to respond on it 🙂

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Here’s what the PDF looks like (first page):

Romantic Love Notes free printableAnd here are the rest of the prompts:

Romantic Love Notes: Click through for FREE PDF!See you tomorrow!

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