Marriage Routines and Rituals

Introducing the theme for the month: routines and rituals.

I got this really great idea from a blogging podcast to focus on a different theme every month with every post that month on the same theme. I thought, “Good thinking podcast, I will be implementing that.”

This is me implementing that.

So this month, the theme for every post is . . . . routines and rituals. Specifically routines and rituals that strengthen your marriage. We’ll be talking about things you can do every day, every week and every month to help you and your spouse stay connected to each other and avoid drifting away unintentionally.

Marriage routines and rituals

We’ve got a post coming your way about something you can do everyday for just 10 minutes to connect together. Another post on a weekly check-in, and if I’m feeling savvy one on date nights.

To kick the month off, here’s an article I wrote for called “7 Things Happy Couples Do Every Day.” (hint: its not to stare at their respective screens all night then go to bed alone, which is what our night is shaping up to be, but you can’t win them all I guess . . . 6/7 ain’t bad 😉 )

Check out 7 Daily Habits of Happy Couples

by Celeste at Mode

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