Marriage Lab

By Celeste
We’re starting a new series called “Marriage Lab” where we pose an advice needed question, take the best suggestion from the comments and then do that suggestion for a week. We’ll then of course report back on how it went 🙂

A few weeks ago, I posted this post asking the question:  What do you guys do after your kids go to bed or when you both get home from work to bond BESIDES watching something together??

We got some AMAZING responses!  62 to be exact!  Rich and I had a grand time reading through them all and trying to decide which one to do.  In the end, we decided to go with the old adage: majority rules.  And the suggestion that came up the most was……..

(drum roll please) …….


Congrats to Shelly, Rebekah, Kendall, Angela, Joni, Liz and Amber who all mentioned playing games in their suggestions- you win!

So, for the next week (starting tonight) Rich and I will set aside our beloved Netflix and play games instead.  We’ll then report back together on how it went and if we thought it helped in marital bonding.  We’ll also report which games led to the most/least bonding :) 

Stay tuned.

PS Sorry this took us SO long to get to- we meant to start it earlier, but then we discovered Cut Throat Kitchen on Netflix and well, it became…. very important to postpone this particular challenge 🙂

2 thoughts on “Marriage Lab

  1. haha, yes! that’s great! If y’all wanna borrow some games…we have a pretty good collection of games that are good with only 2 players. 🙂

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