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As a mom of three small kids, I very rarely if ever feel sexy. Its much better for me to look forward to sex now that we’ve tried to make it fun instead of steamy every time. 

The theme for the month of September will be all about my personal marriage wins.  Each month I send my email subscribers a “win” I’ve had for the month, so the posts this month are taken directly from those emails I’ve sent out.  My email list is where I get pretty personal, so if you want in on this (and duh, you definitely want in on this), just  sign up right at the bottom of this post. 🙂

I ho-hummed about whether or not to include this email on the blog because I’m never sure where to walk the line between too much information and being helpful. If you are scandalized by me discussing intimacy ( if you, like me frequently use the word intimacy instead of sex for instance) then feel free to skip this post.  I included it because it was by far my most responded to email 🙂

Making Intimacy Fun. When it came to sex, we always thought it had to be sexy. But as a mom of 3, I rarely feel sexy. Putting fun and silliness into it has transformed our sex life. Click through to read how.

From February 26, 2016

So, my marriage win recently has been without a doubt making intimacy fun.  Ever since I held an intimacy series on my blog in December, we’ve really tried to improve our sex lives and put into practice some of the things we learned.

I think for me, the best outcome of this has been one of the sections in the book 31 Days to Great Sex called Making Sex Fun.  Before we read this book, we both felt this pressure to always make sex . . . . well, sexy and serious.  This expectation was draining because as a mom of three little kids I have to say, I rarely feel sexy.  And trying to force myself to ‘get in the mood’ made me not want to initiate ever.

It’s been MUCH better since we’ve relaxed this expectation and just had fun together.  When I’m tired at the end of the day, I’m WAY more likely to get behind laughing and being silly with Rich than I am to get behind making myself feel sexy.

We don’t do this every time, but when we feel like “fun” sex, we play silly games (strip staring contests, thumb wars, wrestling) or tell each other dumb jokes before hand and just laugh together.

It’s been such a great bonding experience and makes me really look forward to it!!

For Valentine’s Day I made a little box with cut up strips of paper for ideas to keep things fun or sappy or sexy- just ideas to change things up during intimacy.  It’s been SO great!

I’ve been thinking about sharing some ideas on the blog since they’ve really helped us, but it feels a little personal. If you want some suggestions for sex prompts I’ll call them, just put your email down there and you’ll gain access to a page with some of our more successful sex prompts on them.

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Do you guys do anything to keep sex fun?  I would LOVE to know your ideas- I’ll add them to our list!

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