Letter 7: 14 Days of Love Letters

Prompt seven in our 14 Days of Love Letter series is to tell about a time you were proud to be married to your spouse.

Join us for our love experiment this month:  sending a nice text/email/note to your partner everyday!  I’ll be following the 14 love letter prompts (listed in their entirety at the bottom of this post.)  Sign up for our email list  if you want to join the challenge! (there is a sign up in the footer)

14 Days of Love Letters Prompt 1: When did you know they were the one for you?

Prompt 7:  Tell about a time you were proud to be married to your spouse.

Three instances came to mind, so I’ll tell about them all because . . . we’ve got time.

First up, this summer Rich defended his dissertation.  Gosh, that was a hard road, particularly the two months leading up to it.  So many ups and downs (mostly downs).  So on the day of the defense I got someone to watch the kids and I went and was expecting just a few people in the room, but there were so many people there to watch him!

His presentation was about an hour long.  He was funny, he was professional, he answered everyone’s questions like a boss.  I’m not at all exaggerating when I say I understood about 2% of what he said (he studies how one specific part of a T cell interacts with the parasitic disease leishmaniasis . . . . uhhhh, right babe?)  In any case, he was in his element and it was a side of him I don’t get to witness that often.

I was very proud to be his wife in that room.  I only knew a few people there, so when he pointed me out, I was beaming at him like a proud parent.

14 days of love letters
This isn’t during the actual defense, but you get the idea.

Second up, Rich is really funny.  He went on this kick for a while where he would post funny things about our kids or about his primary class at church on Facebook.  I feel proud to be his wife I see him making other people laugh.  More evidence of Rich being funny on social media here.

Third up, Rich was our congregation’s adult Sunday School teacher for four years.  And let me be clear when I say that he freaking rocked that job.  Unfortunately I rarely got to see him teach since I was usually teaching a kid class, but there was a brief window of about five months when I got to see him teach.

And I was always amazed, like, “Wow, that’s my husband up there.  He’s amazing.”  He was so good at capturing everyone’s attention, being creative and funny and poignant and spiritual. It was all those reasons I fell for him in the first place that I got to see from a bystander’s view.

Over the years many, many people came up to me to tell me what a good teacher he was.  And I was proud of him every week.

Ok your turn!  How does your spouse make you feel good about yourself?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank. So even if you don’t comment- think about it! And if you are joining our monthly challenge, send the answer to your spouse in a text or email or note.

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14 Days of Love Letters printable

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