Letter 5: 14 Days of Love Letters

Prompt five in our 14 Days of Love Letter series is to explain how your spouse makes you feel good about yourself. 

Join us for our love experiment this month:  sending a nice text/email/note to your partner everyday!  I’ll be following the 14 love letter prompts (listed in their entirety at the bottom of this post.)  Sign up for our email list  if you want to join the challenge! (there is a sign up in the footer)

14 Days of Love Letters Prompt 1: When did you know they were the one for you?

Prompt 3:  Explain how your spouse makes you feel good about yourself (be specific).

Rich excels at making me feel good about myself, so this prompt should be easy 🙂

He is quick to point out my good points and remind me of them when I can’t seem to remember.

Par example, a few years back I had a lot on my plate and was feeling overwhelmed wondering whether or not I could actually accomplish everything I had set out to do (I had a new assignment at church, had just started this blog, was put in charge of an Interfaithful Moms group in our city, and our third child was just a few months old).

For my birthday that year, he asked a bunch of my friends to write me letters of encouragement for when I was feeling down.

He told them to write a “you can do it!” letter stating why I should have confidence in myself.

I think everybody in the whole world should have one of these books.

I read it and I felt like I could do anything! So many people believed in me!  It was really awesome and I still get it out and read it and feel like I can take over the world.

Every time I am working hard on something or I just care a lot about something, Rich is right there invested with me even if it has nothing to do with him (ahem, the book I’m currently writing).  This makes me feel like my projects matter and that I matter and it makes me feel good.

He is also just quick to compliment me on my looks, my parenting, my work ethic and occasionally when I feel like doing the laundry- my housekeeping skills.

Gosh, I’m getting all a flutter thinking about him 😉

14 Days of love letters
He’s the best

Ok your turn!  How does your spouse make you feel good about yourself?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank. So even if you don’t comment- think about it! And if you are joining our monthly challenge, send the answer to your spouse in a text or email or note.

Oh! And I put all of the love prompts into a handy dandy printable so you can print it out, fill them out and give all the love letters to your spouse as a gift! Perfect Valentine’s day gift! Here’s a sample of the first page:

14 Days of Love Letters printable

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14 Days of Love Letters {Marriage Laboratory}

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